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Authors: Qi Wang
Abstract: In recent years, green design has become a trend of modern design in regard to product, packaging and material which represents a totally new idea, that is, design is not only meant to decorate, beautify and perfect environment, it is supposed to take up the role of social responsibility and moral value. This paper explores the idea of green design and the approaches applied in modern design, suggesting that green design is not only a new way of product design, while it also meets the need of times and sustainable development.
Authors: Nikoleta Husáková
Abstract: Solution of problems in the field of ecology and environment has an important place at the state level, but also at the level of civil initiatives and individuals. It is in the result of increasing limitedness of natural resources and environmental consciousness. Eco-logistics is important effective tool which is the object of study, discussions of many experts in logistics, because it provides a wide scope of application. The main mission of eco-logistics is underling the importance of production processes, services and other activities connected with logistics impact on the environment. Suitable way of eco-logistics implementation creates conditions for logistics costs reduction and also for natural resources and environment saving. The paper presents new approach to eco-logistics and its new definition.
Authors: F. Tardif, F. de Bourmont, T. Vareine, V. Oravec, A. Di Martino
Authors: Shu Zhang, Jun Li, Yi Jie Liu
Abstract: Most of metallurgy industry enterprises in our country were built early and the architectures of which were old while environment colors miscellaneous. With the rapid development of economy and improvement of aesthetic standard, the art and aesthetic of industry architecture environment was paid the important attention. Color plays a very important role in the environmental cognition aspects. It can not only facilitate people to cognitive surrounding responsible and dangerous working environment, but also to allow workers to improve work efficiency and improve the living comfort level. A good relationship with the color and the industry environment is important to our future industrial landscape design and industrial architecture design. And we should present the building colors with new ways so as to create Chinese industrial culture with Chinese characteristics. Based on the industry architecture environment, this article expounds the importance, emotional and functional of color design, and deeply analysis the effect and influence factors of color design in industry landscape architecture environment, and also brought the requirement to color design.
Authors: P. Byrne, R. Ramesh, Michael J. Pomeroy
Authors: Zeng Liang Gao, W. Hong, B. Xiong, W. Zheng, Y. Wu
Authors: Chen Wang, Kai Zeng
Abstract: The energy is the important matter condition of the human survival and the development. Coal, petroleum, natural gas and other fossil energy support in 19 and twentieth Century in recent 200 years, the progress of human civilization and the development of economy and society,But coal, petroleum, natural gas and other non-renewable energy increasing consumption, not only make the mankind is faced with resource depletion pressure, but also feel the serious environmental problems threatening.At present, improving energy efficiency, development and utilization of renewable energy sources, protect the ecological environment, realizing sustainable development have become the common action of international renewable energy rich, clean, sustainable utilization. Strengthen the development and utilization of renewable energy, is to deal with the increasingly serious energy and environmental problems in the route one must take, also is the human society to realize the sustainable development of the route one must take.
Authors: Chun Shan Zhao, Min Xu, Chun Guo Li
Abstract: The goal of this paper was to investigate the cognition on primary harms of air pollution to respiratory health and the demand for it in pupils. Based on the atmospheric monitoring results over the years and with the random sampling method, the urban area of Jilin City was randomly divided three contaminated areas and one of primary schools in each contaminated areas was selected respectively. A total of 670 pupils were taken as the research subjects, 326 males and 319 females. The results showed that pupils’ knowledge on air pollution was insufficient, pupils’ cognitive abilities of in air pollution harms to respiratory health should be improved, their demand for the cognition on the air pollution-related knowledge was urgent. Therefore, schools should make full use of the campus educational resource, give play to teachers and school doctors, and utilize all effective means to strengthen the education in air pollution-related knowledge. Parents should establish correct health awareness and train their children to improve their environmental awareness through their own actions from childhood.
Authors: Fan Jia, Ren Xiang Wang, Xiao Hong Bai
Abstract: Herzog and de Meuron were 2001 Pulitzer prize winners. Their buildings are famous because of the unique and amazing epidermis. In their representative works, there are two major ways to create and form epidermis. The first one is learning from the surrounding context and environment, and the second is thinking about the features of architectures. This paper, through the investigation of six of their major works: Dominus Winery in California of the US(1998), De Young Museum in San Francisco (2004), the library of Brandenburg Industrial University in Germany, the Tokyo Prada flagship store in Japan, Munich Allianz Stadium in Germany, and Laban Centre for Contemporary Dance in London, summarizes the main methods of H&dM.Architecture surface processing is becoming more and more concerned by the construction industry and the viewers. H&dMs methods of design provide our use for reference. Let us look forward to their next new work.
Authors: Ramūnas Bareišis, Aleksandras Kirka, Rolandas Puronas
Abstract: The theoretical and the experimental researches of guidance, energy consumption and environment protection of the shuttle gantry module are submitted. Influence of a micro-relief, chassis speed differences and correction intensity for accuracy of guidance has been determined. The characteristics of the chassis have more influences for accuracy of guidance than a rough ground. It is not effective to supply more than 60 % of oil flow for the chassis with a lower speed, because it has a negative influence on the accuracy of guidance and on the consumption of power. When distance between the optical sensors is 50 mm, the maximum declination of guidance from mean trajectory is 33 mm. The useful factors and perspectives for energy saving and environment protection are established. The energy demand for chassis and operating working parts do not match in time. 3.5 - 4.5 kW installed power is enough to operate the module. The resistance of the chassis moving through constant technological tracks and that of the implemented carriage moving though beam are low. The energy consumption that is of no avail to soil deformation decreases to minimum. The resistance power of implements passes to the gear. Soil in the plant vegetation zone is not influenced by chassis. Inter-row could be reduced. Thus, there emerges a possibility to satisfy energy demand by alternative energy sources, to reduce pollution, and the deleterious influence on soil features. Direct human participation in technological processes is not required. The dependence on meteorological conditions is reduced. In order to calculate energy consumption, the operation efficiency of implements and chassis was established. Common efficiency of the module is calculated as a reverse value of common working time input. 40 m length beam will allow working at 0.42 ha/h efficiency. Positioning energy is just 0.6 kWh/ha, common one – 8.6 kWh/ha.
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