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Authors: Xue Dong Feng, Yan Fei Ma, Jia Di Liu
Abstract: With the changes of domestic environmental policy, the curriculum provision of environmental engineering should be continuous improved. This paper analyzes the current teaching situation of environmental engineering and brings up rationalization proposals. According to the found problems of theory course, experimental course and practical training, it is very necessary to adjust the training program and curriculum system of environmental engineering. The specific measures are adding some new courses to teaching system, and changing the assessment methods. There are different characteristics among theory course, experimental course and different courses, so the teaching methods and assessment methods are different, too.
Authors: Peng He, Zhen Zhou
Abstract: In this research, an approach is described that emphasized using visualization to teach synthetically experiment course. This research discusses the multi-lessons and synthetically education, the way the visualization experiment course overcome the difficulties in organizing teaching contents is used true research items stemmed from teachers. This approach includes allowing the students to select their own choice of accomplishing circuit board manufacture, teaching all signal collection, data acquisition, signal process with the help of conceptual visualization based on Matlab, making the students to come up with hand drawn mathematical result before they start simulation, motivating student searching for new algorithms leading to the creation of the system.
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