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Authors: Ya Xin Zhang, Jun Ge Du, Chuan Mei Shi
Abstract: The fatigue destruction is one way of expiration of pressure vessels, In order to avoid the accident occurring, it is extremely important to carry on the fatigue analysis to the pressure vessels. First, this article introduces the definition of fatigue destruction, the primary factors of affecting the fatigue expiration, and the advantages the analysis principle when the ANSYS finite element is applied to fatigue analysis; Then, this article carries on the stress analysis based on ANSYS software to the CNG storage gas pressure vessel, produces the stress distributed cloud chart, and gets the node number where is the maximum stress; Finally, This article carries on the fatigue analysis based on stress analysis result, the fatigue analysis demonstrates the CNG pressure vessel is effective in the establishment service life, Its fatigue accumulative damage coefficient is smaller than 1,Which explain it can satisfy the fatigue strength request.
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