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Authors: S.D. Kaloshkin, I.A. Tomilin, G.A. Andrianov, U.V. Baldokhin, E.V. Shelekhov
Authors: Zhan Wen He
Abstract: This paper discusses Fe50Cu50 composite powder mechanical alloying of morphology and solution condition, through to the mechanical alloying Fe50Cu50 after composite powder on scanning electron microscopy and distribution analysis has determined its morphology and Fe -Cu the solution conditions. The experimental results show that the ball mill 50 h, Fe50Cu50 composite powder particle size basically stable, size in a few microns or so, and Fe and Cu has fully fuses in together to form the uniform solid solution.
Authors: F.M. Lucas, Bruno Trindade, Benilde F.O. Costa, Gerard Le Caër
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