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Authors: Jiu Fang Duan, Jian Zhang Li, Li Ping Zhang
Abstract: This study prepared a wood-based hydrogel, which was studied as a fertilizer controlle and release carrier. The wood-based hydrogel was prepared by solution polymerization and whose structure was characterized by FTIR spectra. The water absorbing capacity and urea adsorption capacity were studied. The result shows that: With increasing degree of grafting yield, the water absorption increased at first and decreased afterward. The maximum appear at the glutaraldehyde amount of 0.4 times. The urea adsorption of the wood-base hydrogel has a strongest value in 10% aqueous solution of urea. The drug loading changed by the degree of crosslinking hydrogel and the wood content in the wood-based hydrogel. Hydrogel has a good adsorption capacity of urea,the hydrogel water absorption and urea absorption ability can be adjusted by the grafting rate. The wood powder prepared hydrogels is a new environmental protection materials, which has good prospects in controll and release of pesticides and fertilizers
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