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Authors: Xiang Dong Wang, Dao Yuan Xu, Zhen Bo Wang, Ai Min Deng, Wei Xuan Zhu
Authors: Chang Jiang Lin, Yin Jin, Hong Qing Tang
Abstract: A finite element equation has been developed to simulate the squeeze casting process of a magnesium alloy wheel, a parametric model has been established to confirm the temperature field during filling and solidification process. The model can be used to investigate the effects of die design and process parameters (die temperature, pressure etc.) on the quality of castings.
Authors: Guo Ping Wang, Hua Ling Chen, She Miao Qi, Lie Yu
Abstract: Finite element equation of the nonlinear dimensionless Reynolds equation, based on the Galerkin finite element method, was derived. Three key points of solving the equation was studied in detail, i.e. Boolean matrix was calculated under the nonlinear conditions, and a method of integrating discrete element equations was provided; Nonlinear algebraic equations set, resulted from integrated finite element equations, was obtained and a method how to substitute boundary conditions into the algebraic equations was presented; A method of calculating the Jacobi matrix of the equations set were described in this paper. All of them are crucial to solve the nonlinear Reynolds equation and helpful for promoting the further research on compliant foil gas bearing.
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