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Authors: Qing Jiang Chen, Lie Ya Yan
Abstract: The advantages of wavelets and their promising features in various application have attracted a lot of interest and effort in recent years. In this article, the notion of two-directional biorthogonal finitely supported trivariate wavelet packets with multiscale is developed. Their properties is investigated by virtue of algebra theory, time-frequency analysis method and functional analysis method. In the final, new Riesz bases of space are constructed from these wavelet packets. Three biorthogonality formulas regarding these wavelet packets are established
Authors: Xiao Feng Wang
Abstract: Wavelet analysis has become a popular subject in scientific research for twenty years. It has been a powerful tool for exploring and solving many complica -ted problems in natural science and engineering computation. The notion of exact orthogonal nonseparable four-variate wavelet packs is introduced. A novel method for constructing them is provided by iteration method. The orthogonality properties of four-variate wavelet packs are discussed. Three orthogonality formulas concerning these wavelet packs are provided. The pyramid decomposition scheme is derived
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