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Authors: Yan Xin Wang, Chun Feng Zhao
Abstract: We designed a twin flying winding machine control system based on PLC to improve its performance. The system uses PLC to receive control signals and drives executing machines, employs touch screen to provide a user-friendly interface, uses AC servo system to perform winding and rotor indexing localization, and uses automatic tension control system to enhance the capacity of winding tension control. The system is able to speed up the winding of enameled wire, improve the accuracy of winding localization and indexing, and enhance the winding quality and the interaction between human and machine. It has been proven that the winding machine is easy-to-use and reliable. The system is suitable for automatic assembly line production control and can be applied widely.
Authors: Guang Xian Lv, Hai Tao Liu, Kang Ma, Di Si Zhang
Abstract: Analyses the demand to information flow control technology in smart distribution grid, points out that IEC 61968 based information exchange bus has defects in information flow control, and proposes a framework that consists of flow direction control, information content control and flow runtime control. Based on principle of active and collaborative control, this paper proposes also detailed designs of flow direction arrangement, adapter identification, flow direction analysis, syntax validation, semantic validation and runtime control which consist of start-stop control, traffic control and priority control. The framework and its control functions provide a flexible, uniform and stable solution to information flow control in smart distribution grid.
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