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Authors: Rui Guang Shen, Yu Long Pei
Abstract: Although traffic development brings convenience to citizen, problems such as parking, traffic transferring, caused by passenger transport hub have aroused extensive attention from society. Based on teasing parking demand hierarchy and willingness choice, concept of expected utility is introduced to uncover logical relationship among transport hub, influence factors, and parking demand. Data about parking facilities and their characteristics, parker desire, characterization parameters related with hub, are surveyed and collected to analyze and confirm the key influence factors on the basis of urban comprehensive passenger transport hub oriented high-speed rail, for setting up the relation model between parking demand at synthesis passenger hub and its impact factors, which is used to propose the forecasting method of parking demand at the comprehensive passenger transport hub oriented high-speed rail.
Authors: Rak Hyun Kim, Sung Ho Tae
Abstract: With the purpose of proposing a construction waste forecasting method specialized for construction phase, this study suggested a forecasting method based on material loss rate to forecase construction wastes with diverse properties. Loss rate of 124 construction materials found in South Korea and Japan was provided. Also to review applicability of construction waste forecasting method using material loss rate, the amount of construction waste found using existing construction waste forecasting method and forecasing method proposed in this study was comparatively analyzed on apartment houses.
Authors: Ya Jun Gao, Qiao Mei Gao
Abstract: In order to improve the forecast accuracy and reliability of wind speed with strong randomness, this paper suggests a method. First, apply square root transformation to the wind speed time series, which is different from familiar normalization. Second, BP neural network is employed to forecast the future wind speed time series. Finally, invert the forecasted time series by the inverse square root transformation. The experiment result shows the effectiveness of the proposed method.
Authors: Zhi Guo Liu, Zhi Tao Mu
Abstract: The corrosion of LY12CZ aluminum alloy in aircraft under service environment is regarded as a stochastic process and the time series theory is used to analyze and to predict the corrosion depth of LY12CZ under airport environment by means of ARIMA(3,1,1)model.The application result show that the ARIMAmodel can predict the value and propagation trend of corrosion depth realistically and effectively,demonstrating the expedient and easy application of time series theory and method.
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