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Authors: Jian Wu, Min Xue Wang, Bing Bing Wu
Abstract: In this paper, we report our recent studies on developing nonlinear techniques based on a single SOA for all-optical signal processing at high-speed, with a focus on simple configurations employing commercial SOAs for several key all-optical network applications. Our researches are based on nonlinear polarization rotation (NPR), four-wave mixing (FWM) and cross-phase modulation (XPM) effects in a single SOA. We propose and demonstrate applications of the nonlinear techniques in all-optical logic gates, multi-function format coversion, tunable Lyot birefringent filter and multi-channel optical time division multiplexed (OTDM) demultiplexing.
Authors: Yu En Liang, Xiang Fu
Abstract: Network services located by Object Name Service (ONS) can associate Electronic Product Code (EPC) of Internet of Things with related Web sites or other Internet resources. Based on depth analysis on ONS parse rules, the paper compared ONS parsing rule based on format string and ONS parsing rule based on Naming Authority Pointer (NAPTR) record and introduced concept of aggregation to improve ONS parsing rules, and then presented a kind of ONS parsing method based on address aggregation. The application example of this method proves its operability.
Authors: Jun Ping Wang, Su Yang Qi, Dan Xu
Abstract: In the prediction and improvement of integrated circuit yield, it needs to convert CIF file to BMP file in order to calculate the critical area accurately and optimize the subsequent layout, at the same time, the image format of layout is the foundation of random defects hot spot detection. Firstly, the structures of CIF file and BMP file are studied, and various commands of CIF are deeply analyzed. Secondly, we design the algorithm that is based on the primitives are converted into BMP according to the representation of four basic primitives (rectangle, polygon, circularity, line with width) in CIF layout. Finally, we realize the algorithm of the whole CIF files is converted into BMP files. It is simple, conversion accuracy is high, more importantly, laid the foundation for the improvement of integrated circuit yield, and use C++ language to realize the CIF files conversion software based on the algorithm.
Authors: Pei Jiang Chen
Abstract: Modern medical diagnose has higher demand for image archiving and communication, the medical image display technology is mainly studied under the Windows platform. According to the analysis of the DICOM 3.0 standards and file formats, the general idea of the conversion from DICOM format to BMP format is proposed. Based on the object-oriented programming idea, a format conversion class called CDicomConvert is designed by using Visual C++. The class encapsulates many data and methods for DICOM image processing, and the class CDib is also improved. The result of the software running shows that it can convert the DICOM file to BMP format, and the medical image can be displayed under Windows.
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