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Authors: Jin Cheng, Xiao Ping Zou, Gang Qiang Yang, Xue Ming Lü, Cui Liu Wei, Zhe Sun, Hong Ying Feng, Yuan Yang
Abstract: Fractal carbon films deposited on copper plate by ethanol chemical vapor deposition are reported. In order to prepare fractal carbon films, iron nitrate was employed as catalyst precursor, copper plate as substrate, and ethanol as carbon source materials. The as-prepared carbon films were characterized by employing scanning electron microscopy and Raman spectroscopy. The thickness of the film was a few micrometers. According to Raman spectrum, we know the films exhibit low graphitization. According to SEM observation, we find that there are many protuberances with nanometer scale tips on the film surface. Due to direct growth on metal substrate and many nanometer scale tips, it has potential application that is fit for electron source in vacuum devices.
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