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Authors: Tara Chandra, Jose María Cabrera, Jose Manuel Prado
Authors: Lin Sun, Bradley P. Wynne, Eric J. Palmiere
Abstract: In the present study, the effect of austenite deformation on the recrystallisation behaviour in terms of recrystallisation-stop and recrystallisation-limit temperatures (T5% and T95%) of an X70 niobium microalloyed pipeline steel have been investigated by interrupted plane strain compression tests. The extents of recrystallisation are calculated using a modified fractional softening parameter. And the 20% and 60% of fractional softening were correlated to T5% and T95%. Quantitative optical metallography indicates that this method provides for a convenient and reliable experimental measurement of the critical temperatures associated with the recrystallisation of austenite. The recrystallisation kinetics and the precipitation kinetics of Nb(CN) were calculated using two widely applied models. The experimental results from this study suggest that the current model of precipitation kinetics might overestimate the precipitation start time.
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