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Authors: Qi Rong Zhu, Ru Hua Fang, Guo Biao Yang, Wei Ming Zeng
Abstract: The fiber optic sensor measuring system based on the Mech-Zehnder interferometry is developed in the paper. The system can be used for the strain and vibration measurement of engineering structure, and has the advantages: convenient adjusting, stable performance and strong ability of anti-interference, etc. Therefore the fiber optic sensor has been widely used in the engineering field. First the system is introduced into measuring the frequency and amplitude of the vibration subjected to force of the FRP-concrete beam. The fiber optic sensor measuring system and the electronic measuring system are synchronous used for the measurement. The analysis results of fiber optic sensor measurement approximate to the results of electronic strain gauge. Then the system is introduced into experimental stress analysis on the gas pipe, good results is obtained too. The paper provides new technical equipment for the experimental testing of various engineering structure using fiber optic sensor, also establishes the technical foundation of the research of smart structure.
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