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Authors: Madhuri Karnik, Amitabha Ghosh, Rajiv Shekhar
Abstract: The present study attempts to investigate the polarity dependence of ECD by studying stagnant electrolyte cell (SEC) and the cell used for fused deposition through electrochemical discharge (FDED). Both the cells had identical electrodes and composition of electrolyte. It was judged on the basis of colour of the discharge, voltage gradient developed near the electrode at which discharge takes place (active electrode). It was revealed that the discharge at anode was an arduous phenomenon in both the cells. ECD occurred when the voltage gradient of 106 V/m was developed near the active cathode in the SEC as well as the one in FDED cell. But it took voltage gradient of 107V/m for the discharge to take place at active anode in the SEC. ECD never took place at the anode tip in the FDED cell as the voltage gradient never reached 107 V/m even at the applied voltage of 300 V. The bluish green coloured discharge took place at the cathode in both the cells whereas bright yellow coloured discharge took place at the anode in the SEC.
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