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Authors: Xiao Hu Lv, Yong Xin Liu, Yu Liu, Hai Yan Huang
Abstract: The nonlinear Ball-beam system combine with a CCD camera is studied in this paper. The images which include Ball-beam system and a ruler are collected by CCD sensor. The image is segmented using the adaptive image binarization threshold algorithm, and then the ruler, the ball position and the pointer position are extracted from the image. The ruler is scaled and the pointer position is also calculated. Finally, the value of pointer position is input into Ball-beam system as an expected ball balance position. A Fuzzy self-tuning PID controller and a BP neural network PID controller are designed for ball balance stable control. After experimental, the Ball-beam balance control in any position can be fulfilled using both of algorithms.
Authors: Shao Jie Xu, Jing Fei Zhu, Su Ying Zhang, Yun Du
Abstract: For wheeled robot motion control, brushless DC motor speed control system of wheeled mobile robot parameters time-varying, nonlinear, uncertainties and other factors, with the traditional PID control algorithm is difficult to meet the control requirements this article combination of traditional PID control technology and fuzzy control technology, is designed based on the parameters of fuzzy self-tuning PID DC motor control. This article describes the principles and design steps of fuzzy self-tuning PID Matlab simulation of the control program, the results show that the controller has achieved a good speed and stability.
Authors: Yu Cai Zhou, Shao Jun Liu, Ming Hui Huang, Yi Deng, Jun Duan
Abstract: The dynamic model of the synchronous balancing system of huge-scale hydraulic press was set up based on analyzing of force acted on 800MN huge scale hydraulic press’s moving beam .A self-tuning PID controller was designed and simulated by using the MATLAB fuzzy logic too1.The simulation result shows that it is very effective to overcome the eccentric load and parameter variety ,in additon ,in order to check the real control efficency , The related experiments were carried on the 315T experimental test special-purpose press as well as simulation anylyzing ,which was built for 800MN huge scale hydraulic press’s design and anylyzing.The results both show that the hydraulic press’s synchronization system with the fuzzy self-tuning PID controller has a slight overshoot,rapid response and high accuracy.
Authors: Tian Hao Peng, Jia Dong Liu, Xiao Song Hao, Mei Sheng Yang
Abstract: An integrated hydraulic speed control platform including fuzzy self-tuning PID controller is developed using LabVIEW. The pump-control-motor variable speed throttle combined speed governing experimental system is tested under the different speed governing control model. Experimental results show that, the complex speed control can be regulated to maintain a desired response and the fuzzy control technology enables better control characteristics.
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