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Authors: Chul Su Kim, Cheon Soo Jang, Seung Ho Jang, Jung Kyu Kim
Abstract: To reduce the cost and time of transport due to the different track gauges(narrow, standard, broad) in the Eurasian railroad network such as TKR(Trans-Korea Railway), TCR(Trans-China Railway) and TSR(Trans-Siberia Railway), it is very necessary to develop and adapt the gauge-adjustable wheelsets system. The freight trains’ with gauge-adjustable system could operate on the different track gauges in the transcontinental railway. Therefore, to assure the safety of the newly developed gauge-adjustment wheelsets system, it is essential to evaluate integrity of locking parts in the system by using fatigue analysis. In this study, it was performed that contact stress analysis of locking parts by using FEM(Finite Element Method) in the case both the gauge changeover operation and freight trains' service in the curved track, respectively. Besides, to consider the variation of fatigue data, the crack initiation life was statistically evaluated.
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