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Authors: Xing Wang, Qiang Zhang, Xiao Peng Wei
Abstract: AES is one of the most widely used cryptographic systems. DNA computing has the high efficiency to solve some NP-problems. Therefore many scientists try to combine DNA computing with cryptography. In this paper, an algorithm is designed to simulate a plaintext encrypted by DNA biotechnology and modern cryptography. After mapping the plaintext information as DNA chain and handling the base chain with biological genetic technology, we can get the gene codes form, then using the Rijndael algorithm to deal with the biological chain with cryptography and get the final result. It makes the DNA-based cryptography more effective and more security.
Authors: M. Sarikaya, H. Fong, D.W. Frech, R. Humbert
Authors: Sageemas Na Wichian, Suwimon Wongwanich, Patharawut Saengsiri
Abstract: Education Surveillance System is designed for predicting the state of education based on form of alarm signal using Incremental Leaning based on Mahalanobis Distance (ILM). However, ILM need to define two crucial parameters (co-variance matrix and distance threshold) it is not only very difficult for determining by general user but also depend on dataset property. This research proposed GAILM algorithm based on Ordinary National Education Test (Bangkok) dataset for finding approximate parameter and predicting. The result of experiment is represent GAILM technique discovering proximate co-variance matrix (0.91) and distance threshold parameter (0.44) and also high accuracy rate as 90.91% and 92.07%, in the year 2007 to 2008 respectively. This result was higher than the accuracy rate of traditional technique by K-Means algorithm and Cobweb.
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