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Authors: Jin Chao Wang, Chuan Ying Wang, Zeng Qiang Han
Abstract: At present, relatively few drilling surveys have been conducted on coral reefs, and comprehensive geological info on coral reefs is difficult to obtain. However, research of coral reef is of great importance to our development and exploitation of maritime resources. The survey of Chenhang Island in Paracel (Xisha) Islands saw China’s first usage of digital borehole camera technology, which resulted in a large amount of first-hand geological data. We have utilized the rock mass integrity index (RMDI) method in our analysis of coral reef integrity, and with reference to the rock mass classification standard, formulated the correlation between RMDI values and coral reef intactness, enabling the engineering evaluation of coral reef integrity. Through statistical analysis of camera data gathered along the CK2 borehole’s approx. 1km length, we performed an integrity evaluation of the entire borehole length using the RMDI classification, and created a coral reef stratum development diagram which is consistent with the actual cores. The results indicate: (1) the classification system based on RMDI is feasible in the integrity evaluation of coral reefs; (2) the coral reef integrity values obtained using the RMDI method are accurate; (3) borehole camera survey and statistical analysis are of great utility in the study of coral reefs.
Authors: Bin Feng, Wen Huan Zhan
Abstract: To strengthen monitoring and dispatching of survey ships and supervision on offshore projects, a marine geological survey monitoring model, based on satellite communication system, AIS and WEBGIS, is developed. By displaying ship real-time dynamic information and working process in the network electronic chart, this system improves the management level of offshore production scheduling. At present, the system has already been applied by Guangzhou Marine Geological Survey, gaining excellent effect.
Authors: Yajie Jia, Ya Lin Li, Liang Huo
Abstract: A kind of geological disasters such as fault and water gushing often occurs during the informational construction of deep super long tunnel, which brings momentous disaster and economic loss to construction safety, so the precise and immediate advance forecast to the situation of fault and water gushing has an important theoretical significance and practical value. The theory of geological survey method, TSP(tunnel seismic prediction) method and GPR(ground penetrating radar) method are summarized and analyzed, forecast geological prediction process for fault and water gushing in deep-buried super long tunnel is formulated with the combination of the three methods. Then a deep super long road tunnel named Da Xiang Ling is detected by using the process synthetically, which gains good prediction results. It has a certain guiding significance to similar projects.
Authors: Ikuo Yamamoto, Nobuhiro Shin, Taishi Oka, Miki Matsui
Abstract: The authors have developed a shark ray robotic fish based on biomimetic approaches. The paper describes the newly developed robotic fish technology and its application to mechatronics in the space. It is found that robotic fish technology creates not only new underwater robotics, but also the next generation space mechatronics for geological survey of lunar/planets and dust cleaning in the space station.
Authors: Yan Kun Wang
Abstract: The design and adhibition of a new fashioned portable pneumatic cutting sampling machine used in the sap of the mine which use the compressed air as the source of power is introduced in this article and the problem of inefficient and large labour intensity which exist for a long time in the cutting sampling in the sap of the mine is solved in this article.
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