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Authors: Sanjay Saini, A. Umamakeswari
Abstract: The development of satellite communication technology has brought the Vehicle tracking systems to the day-to-day life of the common man. Today GPS fitted cars, ambulances, fleets and police vehicles are common on the roads. All the existing technology can support only tracking the vehicle place and status. No such systems have implemented emergency alert during accidents, using smart phone. Real time vehicular tracking system incorporates a hardware device installed in the vehicle and a remote Tracking server. The information is transmitted to Tracking server using GSM/GPRS modem on GSM network by using SMS or using direct TCP/IP connection with Tracking server through GPRS. Tracking server also has GSM/GPRS modem that receives vehicle location information via GSM network and stores all this information in computer database. This information is available to authorized users of the system via website over the internet.The embedded device fitted with “sensors”. The sensors used are to provide Automated Emergency Alert in case of accident (Inform nearby Police, Hospital and Owner through SMS), Identification of Halts and Duration, Emergency Message Display in Centralized computer, Automatic update of Emergency number, Fuel Tank Pilferage Monitoring and Distance and Speed computation. The data from the sensors are transferred to centralized server through GSM enabled device. GPS device is used to track the vehicle locations in latitude and longitude. The GPS device is received raw satellites data in this data is not understandable first we convert raw data to digital form and transmitted to centralize computer. Each licence vehicle owner can access the data using web service and can retrieve all the real time data and stored previous data in database. Because whole Proposed system control in a single chip so proposed system allows for the stability, equilibrium, less resource use and sustainability of a tracking system and save of the people life.
Authors: Ching Song Chuang, Yong Jyun Chang
Abstract: This paper presents a kind of CPW-fed Pentagon-type multi-band planar monopole antenna. It provides an integrated wideband operating frequency band coverage from 900MHz of GSM to 10.6GHz UWB applications. This is the desirable antenna characteristic that is suitable for modern integrated mobile broadband wireless radio access applications. The proposed antenna was fabricated in practice with the FR4 print circuit board having 1.6 mm substrate thickness and dielectric constant of 4.4, tangent loss constant of 0.02. The measurement results show the success of the proposed planar monopole antenna. The detailed antenna design parameters are given in this paper. The characteristics of this type antenna, wide in bandwidth, low in profile, light in weight and small in size and single layer fabrication can be beneficial in the future integration with other microwave circuit of wireless systems.
Authors: Yan Jin, Cheng Jie Lv, Wei He, Shaonan Wang, Cong Chen
Abstract: In this paper a multi-function GPS data collection system based on GSM Short Message Service is designed. By using a self-defining communication protocol, data transmission between a mobile terminal and a monitor center is achieved. The information collected by the mobile terminal is displayed upon the monitor center and a path of the mobile terminal can be shown on Google Earth. Experimental results show that the system not only reaches a satisfying positioning accuracy, but also runs robustly at a low-power state.
Authors: Fei Qing Wu, En Jun Yu, Cai Xiang Liu
Abstract: At present, the environment control system is mainly used in large and modern greenhouses in China. It is hard to popularize among ordinary farmers because of some reasons such as inconvenient acquiring information, etc. In order to improve the existing problem, a wireless remote greenhouse environment monitor system was developed based on GSM and GPS. Thus the user can obtain real-time temperature and humidity of different greenhouses at any time by sending short messages to the control system so as to know the crop growth. The system, easier to move and operate, can be expanded according to practical need and is reliable and effective through field test.
Authors: Qun Deng, Wei Qiang Zhang
Abstract: Using the existing GSM network for location is currently a hot, but usually the system only can complete the location function, and could not communication with others. For the purpose of the voice communication between the mobile terminals in forklifts and the service center, this paper designed a new emergency call system to overcome the above disadvantages, and especially taken their applications into consideration.
Authors: Guang Li Long
Abstract: The MCU has the smaller volume, low cost, face control, antijamming ability strong and so on merits, GPRS is based on the GSM development foundation in data traffic. one kind of GPRS system Has been designed by using MCU STC12C5A60S2, it including correspondence transformation connection, SIM300 module, MCU, display circuit, keyboard electric circuit, RS232 exterior serial communication connection and so on. The related hardware welding on the PCB, the software programming after-burning writes in the MCU, inserts the liquid crystal display monitor and the SIM card, joins the receiver and the microphone, connects the good GPRS antenna. On the electricity, the establishment correspondence transformation connection, may realize the close-down, the dial and the answering telephone, transmits and receives the SMS, to receive and dispatch E-mail, carries on the Internet to glance over and so on, indicated that has achieved the design requirements.
Authors: Guo Zhu Zhang, Wei Yao, Wei Zhang
Abstract: A management method of scheduling the parking spaces in adjacent parking lot uniformly has been proposed to solve the growing problem of parking pressure caused by the increasing number of motor vehicles in cities. This method uses GSM network to collect the parking space’s status in adjacent parking lots, receives SMS or web query from owners, and shows the messages of each parking lot to them. Users could avoid the busy parking lots to parking their cars in the free parking lots relatively due to the query information, and can also obtain the right of parking spaces by appointment. The rock-bottom detection of each slave node by master node via RS485, Mater nodes transfer the detection messages to management system via GSM. The result shows this design could make use of existing parking resources. It is a good way to solve the problem of ‘Parking hard’.
Authors: J.O. Emagbetere, F.O. Edeko
Abstract: The numerical solution of the partial differential equation (PDE) of the received signal strength from fixed transmitting stations as derived from Maxwell’s wave equation is presented in this paper. The received signal strength level (RSSL) at a defined distance from a source point (base transceiver station) was simulated for two real environments described as Sites 1 and 2. The values of RSSL were taken at different nodes and at different radial directions away from the source point using the Finite Element Method (FEM) tool of the MATLAB package. The hexagonal geometry with no describing function was assumed for the cell. A 3-D model of the power received versus distance was obtained, and the numerical solution of the model presented. The numerical results obtained from the 3-D model were compared with the results of the drive test conducted in Sites 1 and 2 for functional GSM radio networks in the areas. The suitability of the method was justified for the two sites with a 5.55dB standard deviation of error for network A in Site 1 and 8.36dB and 3.40dB standard deviations of error for networks A and B respectively for Site 2.
Authors: Chao Da Chen
Abstract: This paper discusses the intelligent control system for home security. We first analyze the internal relationship between the system integration and functional architecture combining with the requirement of efficient and comfortable of the modern household system. To demonstrate the feasibility and simulate the system, a SCM is used as centre process chip and the GSM is adopted as wireless communication protocol. On this basis, we implement the system with infrared sensing angle less than 120 and effective distance of 5 meter. The system simulation results match very well with the expected requirement. This also means the system plays a role in improving the human living comfort.
Authors: P.O. Otasowie, O. Evbomwan
Abstract: This research is an investigation of the causes of call drops in a GSM network in Benin City, Nigeria. Call drop is inability of call to connect and go through the network successfully. For a drop call the subscriber does not enter into a queue for potential assignment. In this work, a drive test was conducted over a period of three months (March, April and May 2010) in cells around Benin City area. The drive test was conducted with the use of test mobile. A test mobile is a kit comprising mobile phone, drive testing proprietary software called TERMS on a laptop computer and GPS (global positioning system). A total of twenty seven cells out of forty cells around Benin City area were discovered to have severe call drops leading to very poor network performance. The problems that caused the call drops were determined and corrected leading to high improvement in call performance.
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