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Authors: Xiao Ming Yan, Xiang Yun Chen, Feng Qiang Gong
Abstract: The instability identification of goaf risky is an important work in the mine engineering. Based on distance discriminant analysis, a method to identify the instability of goaf risky in mines was presented in this paper. Nine factors influencing the stability of goaf risky, including uniaxial compressive strength of rock, elastic modulus of rock, rock quality designation (RQD), area ration of pillar, ratio of width to height of pillar, depth of ore body, volume of goaf, dip of ore body and area of goaf, were selected as discriminant indexes in the stability analysis of goaf. The actual data of 40 goafs were used as training samples to establish a discriminant analysis model to identify the stability of goaf. The results show that this discriminant analysis model has high precision and misdiscriminant ratio is 0.025 in re-substitution process. The instability identification of a metal mine was discriminanted by using this model and the identification result is identical with that of practical situation.
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