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Authors: Wen Xu Ma, Ying Guang Fang
Abstract: For the soil is a very complex natural material, significant strain gradient effect exist in soil analysis. Based on the "gradient" phenomenon, we add the plastic strain gradient hardening item into the traditional Cambridge yield surface. By using the consistency conditions and associated flow rule, we get the explicit expression of plastic strain gradient stiffness matrix. And the finite element method of plastic strain gradient is also shown in this article. Plastic strain gradient is actually a phenomenological non-local model containing microstructure information of the material. It may overcome the difficulties in simulating the gradient phenomenon by traditional mechanical model.
Authors: Xu Zhang, A.E. Romanov, Elias C. Aifantis
Abstract: Gradient nanomechanics is a generalized continuum mechanics framework accounting for “bulk-surface” interactions in the form of gradient terms that enter in the evolution equations of the relevant constitutive variables and/or in the governing field equations. This approach is discussed in the paper by developing appropriate differential equations for the plastic strain and/or the structural defects that bring this about. The effectiveness of the approach is illustrated by considering size-dependent stress-strain curves for nanopolycrystals with varying grain size.
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