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Authors: Eiichi Sato, H. Morioka, Kazuhiko Kuribayashi, D. Sundararaman
Authors: Monika Jenko, M. Godec, H. Viefhaus, Hans Jürgen Grabke
Authors: Gabriel A. López, Eric J. Mittemeijer
Abstract: A systematic investigation of the segregation of Bi at both free surfaces and grain boundaries in Cu, under identical conditions, is reported. The problem of Bi evaporation upon Bi segregation at free surfaces was overcome using a special method for sample preparation. Cu bicrystals containing deliberately made internal cavities at the grain boundary were doped with Bi, annealed at temperatures between 1073 and 1223 K, and broken along the grain boundary in an ultrahigh vacuum chamber for Auger electron spectroscopy. For the first time, the equilibrium surface segregation of Bi in Cu has been measured. The segregation at the free surface was found to be stronger than the segregation at the grain boundary.
Authors: C. Akita, S. Sekiguchi, M. Fujimoto, Hajime Haneda, M. Tanaka
Authors: Fujio Abe
Abstract: The effect of boron on microstructure evolution and creep deformation behavior has been investigated for a tempered martensitic 9Cr-3W-3Co-0.2V-0.05Nb steel at 650oC. Creep tests were carried out at 650oC for up to about 6 x 104 h. The addition of boron retards the onset of acceleration creep at low stress and long time conditions, which results in lower minimum creep rate and longer time to rupture. The addition of boron also retards the Ostwald ripening of M23C6 carbides near prior austenite grain boundaries (PAGBs) during creep. The retardation of the onset of acceleration creep results from the retardation of the recovery of martensitic microstructure near PAGBs by pinning effects due to fine M23C6 carbides. The main effect due to boron is considered to occupy vacancies near growing M23C6 carbides, which makes it difficult to accommodate local volume change around the growing carbides. This reduces the rate of Ostwald ripening of M23C6 carbides.
Authors: A. Larere, Patrick Gas, T. Barge, C. Haut, A. Malchère, T.T. Nguyen
Authors: Sokrates T. Pantelides, A. Maiti, M.F. Chisholm, S.J. Pennycook
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