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Authors: David P. Field, Tracy W. Nelson, David J. Dingley
Authors: Suk Joong L. Kang
Abstract: This paper reviews our recent investigations on grain growth in ceramics. Grain growth behavior has been found to be governed by the grain boundary structure: normal growth with a stationary relative grain size distribution for rough boundaries and non-normal (nonstationary) growth for faceted boundaries. Based on the concept of nonlinear migration of faceted boundaries, the mixed control model of grain growth is introduced and the principle of microstructural evolution is deduced. This principle states that various types of grain growth behavior are predicted as a result of the coupling effect between the maximum driving force for growth and the critical driving force for appreciable migration of the boundary. A wealth of experimental results supports the theoretical predictions of grain growth behavior, showing the generality of the suggested principle of microstructural evolution. Application of this principle is also demonstrated for the fabrication of single crystals as well as polycrystals with desired microstructures.
Authors: J. Erhart, Václav Paidar
Authors: Ryuzo Watanabe, Atsushi Nogami, T. Matsumiya
Authors: Takura Mimaki, Masashi Yamashita, S. Hashimoto, S. Miura
Authors: Alexander H. King
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