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Authors: Wei Zhang, Zhi Ping Li, Yu Wang
Abstract: The steam flooding is one common way used to enhance oil recovery of heavy oil reservoir. It is difficult to use conventional treatment on steam flooding analysis because of numerous effective factors, complex relationships and no certain mapping relation among those factors. This paper applies grey relationship method to analyze correlative degree of the factors which effect on steam flooding, and then selects steam absorption effect as the comparative indicator, finally gets a sort of steam flooding effect of different parameters. Each correlation degree has a good match with steam flooding effect, and the higher of correlation degree the better of steam flooding effect. Grey relationship is an effective, fast and accurate method for appraising steam flooding effect.
Authors: Ya Dong Fang, Wei Ping He, Lai Hong Du, Jin Liang Chen, Feng Zhao, Guang Feng Zhang
Abstract: According to requirement of cooperative manufacturing partner selection based on networked manufacturing environment, the paper resolves cooperative manufacturing partner selection problem by ant colony algorithm and grey relation theory: Firstly, manufacturing task is divided into series of working procedure in time order by technologic planning. Secondly, considerable candidate enterprises are selected in terms of multi-hierarchy grey relation coefficient at each working procedure node to reduce the size of problem. Lastly, cooperative enterprise selecting path is decided by making use of ant colony algorithm in light of transportation cost.
Authors: Zhi Tao Mu, Zuo Tao Zhu, Ding Hai Chen, Bin Ye
Abstract: The corrosion depth, corrosion area, corrosion pit volume and area of LY12CZ aluminum alloy with different corrosion time were obtained from accelerated corrosion experiment. Four distribution models such as normal, Gumbel, Logistic and double parameter Weibull were used to test their distributions. It can found that the corrosion depth and corrosion area obey Gumbel distribution and the area and volume of corrosion pits obey double parameter Weibull distribution; Choose ten variables as the parameters of influence corrosion fatigue life, through grey relational analyze we can found that the deepest corrosion depth is the biggest influence gene of corrosion fatigue life, and the corrosion grade is an important influence gene almost equal to the deepest depth because it considered the influence of corrosion area and corrosion depth, so we can use it as an parameter to evaluate the calendar life of corrosion conditions.
Authors: Jie Liu, Zhong Min Gao, Lei Wang
Abstract: The method was established to evaluate the product design scheme based on the grey relation. Combined with the grey sensitivity analysis the evaluation index sensitivity was researched further. Taking a vibration screen as example, its 4 design schemes were evaluated and the cost sensitivity was analyzed. The results showed that the design scheme uncertainty can be effectively overcome application of the grey relation and sensitivity analysis. The analysis method can provide scientific reference for the product detailed design.
Authors: Jia Yang Li, Qian Xiao
Abstract: Urban logistics is an important component of local economy. Vigorous development of urban logistics has profound effect on the economic performance, the urban modernization and the urban integrated competitive power. In order to evaluate the urban logistics performance as a complete system, it must be divided into different gradations firstly, based on which the characteristics and influences of each gradation are analyzed, and appropriate qualitative and quantitative indicators are defined. The grey relational analysis method was proposed to compare the competitiveness of urban logistics. Experiment results prove it has certain practical significance and maneuverability.
Authors: Gui Fen Gong, Ke Yin, Ming Lan
Abstract: Six steps for cushioned package development based on the fragility theory are limited in the packaging cost and environmental protection. The author considered synthetically various cushioned packaging design relevant factors and built an assessment model of cushioned package based on multilevel grey evaluation method. By using this model, the author quantized the assessment process, and made it easier to be manipulated. The results of the comprehensive evaluation will be objective and scientific. The model can be widely used in cushioned package scheme optimization.
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