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Authors: Cui Xia Zhang, Cong Hu Liu
Abstract: Based on the practical operation of diesel engine fault and a lot of professional experience and knowledge, an improved gray target engine fault diagnosis model was proposed. The ault sign standard model structure was built by Fault-to-date statistical data and professional experience and knowledge,and multi-target heart Failure was constructed. The causes of a diesel engine was diagnosed through the fault symptoms and the cause of the malfunction bull's-eye from all sort and its practicability and validity have been indicated by its result.
Authors: Hui Li, Yong Luo
Abstract: This text applies grey target theory to evaluate the safety of highway alignment design. According to grey target theory, many factors which affect the safety were selected. The model of the safety evaluation of highway alignment design model was put forward based on grey target theory. After we apply this method in the practice, this method of the safety evaluation of highway alignment design is proved to be effective in course of the accuracy of the safety evaluation. Investigative results indicate that some subjective factors can be eliminated to a certain extent based on evaluation model of grey target theory in the course of alignment scheme choice,which make the choice result more objective. And it is a certain application value for the safety evaluation of highway alignment design.
Authors: Ya Li Chen, Tao Zhe Huang
Abstract: The successful implementation of ERP is crucial to the development of enterprises. Key factors of successful implementation and enterprise target are closely related, and the decision of final enterprise target may greatly improve the implementation effect. By combining OWA operator and grey target theory, this paper exhibits the steps of how to do mathematical analysis on target selection and make judgments on the different objectives when implementing ERP.
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