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Authors: Liang Zuo, Claude Esling, J. Muller, Emmanuel Bouzy
Authors: Zhi Jian Hu, Xue Feng Liu, Juan Yang, Chuan Qi Li
Abstract: An approach to measure the positive sequence parameters of transmission lines based on harmonic method is introduced. The mathematical model and measurement procedure of the new method are explained in detail. The hardware structure of the measuring system based on GPS is given. The simulation results show that the new method can satisfactorily meet the need of measuring the positive sequence parameters of transmission lines under strong interference condition.
Authors: Chao Zhou, Cai Mao Zhong
Abstract: Research on nonlinear dynamic response of passive vibration isolator, which was excited by foundation vibration and isolated by viscoelastic material was done. Nonlinear stiffness was expressed by the cubic polynomial function of deformation and nonlinear damping was characterized by viscoelastic fractional derivative operator. Then the fractional derivative nonlinear dynamic equation of passive vibration isolator was established. The dynamic response characteristics were analyzed by harmonic balance method and the frequency response equation and amplitude-frequency curve were obtained, and furthermore, the influence of nonlinearity on system was analyzed. Finally, the stability and the stable interval of the periodic solution were argued by the Floquet theory. The result s indicates that the proposed equation can precisely describe the dynamic characteristics of viscoelastic vibration isolator. The ignorance of nonlinearity of stiffness and damping will result in obvious error. The proposed method provides theoretic reference for design of viscoelastic isolator and the evaluation of its effect.
Authors: M. Dahms
Authors: Brigitte Bacroix, Thierry Chauveau, P. Gargano, A. Pochettino
Authors: Wen Long Cai, Guang Ma
Abstract: In this document, the pitch period is detected according to the sensitivity to weak sinusoidal signal and strong immunity ability to noise of Duffing oscillator, at the background of strong noise. And then enhancing pitch obtained by harmonic method. The test results show that the enhancing effect of this method is obvious under low SNR condition, and speech distortion is small.
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