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Authors: De Li Chen, Run Qing Yang, Tian Zhu Li, Li Long Yan, Xiao Hui Wang, Ying Zhang, Ying Jie Dai
Abstract: In this study, the mechanism of accumulation of pollutants into living body and defense from health damage were elucidated. Based on the obtained knowledge in this program, the innovative methodology and new functional materials for purification and the restoration were developed. Through these activities, the sustainable understanding and trust about the pollution issuse were established. Six research projects were expected by the fusion of the results. We had investigated the environments around waterfowls which come flying mutually, and the concentration of pollutants in water, soil, fold in wet land and also in waterfowl were measured cooperatively and the accumulation mechanism were clarified. The microchip electrochemistry assay method is developed and applied to actual environments. New materials and methodologies based on the konwledge of the mechanism of accumulation and the defense from health damage were developed.
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