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Authors: Ming Kuen Chang, Yu Fong Li, Hong Wen Huang
Abstract: This research expects to investigate yet at domestic-dump truck driver, carry on the preliminary vibration determination. This research studies ten dump trucks in Yunlin County and precede questionnaire at the sandstone field. The ISO 2631-1:1997 and Article 301 in Taiwan’s regulation “Rules of Equipment and Measures for Protecting Labors’ Safety and Health” are used to evaluate tolerable exposure time per day for drivers. And in accordance with ISO 2631-5:2004 to assessment healthy risk for dump truck driver. In accordance with Article 301 of Labor Safety and Health regulation in Taiwan’s to estimate tolerable exposure time. A half tolerable exposure time present lower than 8 hours. In accordance with ISO 2631-1:1997 to estimate tolerable exposure time, no matter use equation B.1 or B.2 to calculate tri-axis compose acceleration. All tolerable exposure time present lower than 8 hours. If basis of ISO 2631-5:2004 to evaluation healthy risk for driver.
Authors: Huai Li Zheng, Zhen Zhen Jiang, Wei Fan, Jun Ren Zhu, Zhi Zhang, Qing Qing Guan, Wei Lu
Abstract: Urban soil is a compositional part of urban ecosystem playing a vital role in urban sustainable development for it functions importantly in ecological, environmental and economical area and it is urban pollutants’ source and concourse. This paper systematically concludes and expounds a series of research achievements about soil heavy mental contamination, micro-organic material pollution, the environmental and healthy risk assessment of urban soil pollution of domestic and foreign research in recent 10 years. The development focus and tendency of urban soil pollution research are provided on this base for supplying vital scientific clues for improving urban ecological environment.
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