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Authors: Shu Nan Qiao, Lu Hai Li, Wang Ming, Li Xin Mo
Abstract: To solve the gelatin gum arabic electronic ink microcapsules’ problems of thin shells, easy to break and poor mechanical properties, the above microcapsule was coated by urea-formaldehyde polymer and double shell microcapsule was got. The surface morphology of double shell microcapsules was observed by Metallurgical Microscopy, the dispersion particle size of microcapsules was measured by Laser Particle Size Analyzer, the microcapsules’ hermetization property was tested by UV-Vis spectrophotometer, and the mechanical intensity of microcapsule was measured by Microcomputer Control Omnipotence Test Machine (MCOTM). It was found that the microcapsule prepared by this method showed regular shape and increased size. Additionally, both the hermetization property and mechanic intensity of the microcapsules were improved.
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