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Authors: Andreas N. Alexandrou, Georgios Georgiou, N. Tonmukayakul, Diran Apelian
Abstract: A rotating vane-cup rheometer is used to determine the rheological properties of semi-solid slurries, and a procedure is established for characterizing the rheology with emphasis given to the proper and self-consistent evaluation of the material constants.
Authors: Michael Modigell, Lars Pape, Horst R. Maier
Abstract: The investigation of the flow behavior of semi-solid steel alloys poses a great challenge by reason of high operation temperatures and the need of ceramic components for the measuring system. A high-temperature Couette rheometer has been developed to analyze flow properties of semi-solid alloys up to temperatures of 1500°C. In the present work the alloy under investigation is X210CrW12. Differently performed experiments clearly show its shear-thinning and time-dependent flow properties with a yield stress. This flow behavior is modeled using a Herschel-Bulkley approach where the experimental results achieved serve to identify model parameters.
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