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Authors: Xing Hua Liu, Dao Jing Wang, Fu Shui Liu
Abstract: In order to study the effect of hot EGR on combustion characteristic of hydrogen internal combustion engine (HICE), experimental study was taken on a 4 cylinder, 2.0L HICE. The speed was 3000rpm, and the throttle was fully open, the load was adjusted through quality regulation. When the hydrogen flow ratio was 2.79kg /h, the ignition advanced angle was optimized as maximum brake torque (MBT) timing, then the EGR valve was opened, and EGR valve was adjusted to control the flow of exhaust gas that back into the intake manifold. The test results show that: as the EGR ratio changing from 0(the EGR valve is fully closed) to 43.8%(the EGR valve is fully opened), the in-cylinder pressure is decreasing with the EGR ratio increasing; the coefficient of variation in indicated mean effective pressure (imepCOV) is not changing significantly at high load conditions, changing range is less than 1%; CA50 is postponed from 11.8oCAto15.2 oCA with EGR ratio increasing.
Authors: Xing Hua Liu, Zhi Qiang Fan, Feng Jie Lu
Abstract: In the paper, by means of the method of directly measuring the discharge voltage and discharge current of ignition coil, the match between hydrogen internal combustion engine (HICE) and ignition coil is studied, and the experimental research of ignition coils’ charging and discharging characteristics is carried out which leads that more accurate discharge energy is obtained. The experimental results show that the ignition coil here meets the need of the ignition of HICE; the energy corresponding to the pulse width of 5ms is the maximum one the primary coil can store; with pulse width constant the oscillation of the voltage leads to different discharge durations; the larger the charge pulse width is, the lower the utilization of coils is.
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