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Authors: Serge Gavras, Su Ming Zhu, Mark A. Easton, Mark A. Gibson, Jian Feng Nie
Abstract: In this study effects of heat treatments on the creep resistance at 177°C/90MPa of a high-pressure die-cast Mg-2.70La-1.50Y (wt.%) alloy were examined. It was found that ageing at 160°C for 24 h (T5) or a solution treatment at 520°C for 1 h (T4) improved creep resistance and caused no blistering on the surface or dimensional changes to the die-cast specimens. TEM was used to characterize the microstructures of heat-treated samples. Improvements to creep resistance might be attributed to the pinning or otherwise retarding of dislocation motion by precipitates and/or solute atoms during creep.
Authors: Liang Song Che, Bai Song Pan, Ting Hong Peng, Sheng Hong Zhang
Abstract: Casting process of the gearbox shell of a drill is simulated based on different technological conditions by analysis software ProCAST and orthogonal experiment method. The optimizing target is the shrinkage. It can be concluded that the factors that affect shrinkage are casting temperature, casting velocity, mold initial temperature and the cross-sectional area of inner gate in the gating system. Through analyzing the diagram of factor levels influent trend which is described according the last simulated results, the most optimized process parameters scheme is got, and the process scheme is simulated.
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