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Authors: Manabu Tanaka, Tashiro Shinichi, Takayuki Kashima, John J. Lowke, Anthony B. Murphy
Authors: Ahmad Razlan Yusoff, Muhammad Hatifi Mansor, Hazami Che Hussain, Muhammad Azwan Zainol Abidin
Abstract: High productivity, low cost and high profits in machining processes is important aspects in aerospace, automotive and tool/die metal manufacturing industries. However, the dynamic deflection of tool and work piece systems generates unstable cutting forces when machining with high material removal rate. The main focus of this paper is the study of variable tool geometries effect on chatter stability. A semi discretization method (SDM) was utilized to predict numerical chatter using variable helix, pitch and variable helix and pitch tools effect at high radial immersion. The results showed that variable helix and variable pitch milling tools exhibit better unstable behavior at 25 percent radial immersion.
Authors: Yuri M. Baron
Abstract: Blanks made from sheet steel or other materials have burrs on their edges. The burrs are formed on the blanks at cutting down or processing of them by cutting tools. Removing of the burrs requires a lot of manual work. Frequently the blanks have small rigidity, and it especially complicates removal of the burrs. This article describes intensification of the magnetic abrasive finishing method (MAF) with a goal to eliminate the manual deburring and to raise productivity of deburring on the flexible blanks. The study goal was achieved by optimization of MAF conditions and a of the work area geometrical form.
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