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Authors: Lan Wang, Yong Ming Xing, Chun Qing Chang
Abstract: Compound crumb rubber modified asphalt (CCRMA) is a kind of compound modified asphalt. It is made from putting granulated crumb rubber (GCR) crashed from scrap tires and SBS modifier into matrix asphalt, though shearing by high speed shearing machine and growthing. It has good low temperature crack-resistant attributes, and better preventing high temperature distortion as well. The application of abandoned rubber tire is significant to cutting down on pollution,developing circular economy and protecting the environment. The microstructure of matrix asphalt and CCRMA is observed by SEM. Based on the results of temperature sweep test for CCRMA and uniaxial compression creep test for CCRMA mixture, the high-temperature characteristic of compound modified asphalt and mixture is studied. It is observed that, CCRMA has preferable anti-permanent deformation performance. CCRMA mixture has perferable anti-high temperature deformation performation. In the meantime, the viscous-elastic parameters of CCRMA mixture is obtained by fitting experimental data, it provides a referance for viscoelastic mechanics analyze of bituminous pavement.
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