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Authors: Petr Fajman
Abstract: This Traditional joints used for the restoration of historical timber structures are not designed according to standards. A very common joint is a vertical splice skew with a key. Unfortunately, the forces mutually acting in its separated parts are not known. It is only their limits that may be derived with some accuracy, but even this is very valuable for practice. The accurate values may be obtained from measurements or experiments.
Authors: Lei Wang, Gai Zhen Shang, Tian Yuan Du, Wei Fan
Abstract: The key to the protection of living character of historical and cultural villages is maintaining their vitality, which means the culture field of the residents and substantial cultural heritage needing to continue developing. Historical and cultural village supports the production and living of its residents. It develops continuously during the preservation. It is not a static heritage museum but an organism including all systems working continually. Elements of the organism affect the metabolic process of historical and cultural villages and also affect the living character of them. At last, analyzing the interaction of these elements and proposing methods to protect the living character of historical and cultural villages.
Authors: Petr Fajman, Jiri Maca
Abstract: Repairs of historical timber structures lead to connecting existing and new beams. The requirements for beam authenticity make use of older ways of connecting. The first type is the splice of beams in bending with the scarf joint, rafters and tie-beams are joined with the dovetail and, finally, the connection of the main joist with the strut is by the mortise carve.
Authors: Yun Xu, Jin Ping Wang
Abstract: The Ancient City Jiexiu, an important specimen of the county system of ancient China, carries information of thousands of years of history. It is of high historical and cultural value. In order to analyze the ways of the protection and sustainable development of Jiexiu, the author did field researches from the cut point of the history and value of the ancient city and proposed a proper way to protect and reuse of the Ancient City Jiexiu, hoping to provide some ideas of protecting the historical and cultural city.
Authors: An Qiang Jia, Hai Yan Liu, Yong Gang Hao
Abstract: Historical and Cultural Village, as an important component of Chinese cultural heritage, not only possesses the basic nature of village but also has special historical culture characteristics. This paper exemplifies Daliangjiang village, Jingxing County, Hebei province, on the basis of analyzing the Historical and Cultural Village and its planning characteristics, and it discusses the contents and methods of master plan and conservation planning and programming of Historical and Cultural Village, so as to provide a reference for the planning and compilation of our country’s Historical and Cultural Villages.Introduction.
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