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Authors: Jiang Ling Wu, Ping Zhou Cao, Cheng Liu
Abstract: It’s imperative for thermal power plant to add denitrification system. Denitrification facility is usually arranged between economizer and air pre-heater, which may unavoidably collide with vertical bracings of boiler frame. Based on the denitrification project of a power plant in north China, this paper puts forward a simplified analysis method and a practical reinforcement scheme for boiler frame which needs to remove some bracings. The method is on the basis of effects of vertical bracings on boiler frame. Three models including original structure, demolished one and reinforced one are conducted to study structural behaviour under horizontal loads in SAP2000 software. Considering that bracings between the columns bear horizontal loads mainly and increase the horizontal stiffness of frame, reinforcement design is based on the principle of equal rigidity that the horizontal floor displacement and the proportion of horizontal loads boiler columns bear are approximately same as original.
Authors: Ming Gu, Fu You Zhang, Song Xu
Abstract: Residual displacement is disadvantageous to combined base isolation system, as it may cause the structure to overturn when it is big enough. To elucidate the mechanism of the system residual displacement after earthquake, the motion equation of the system was established. Through the theoretical analysis, the calculating formula was given, and residual displacement was found relevant with horizontal stiffness, the max friction forces of the sliding bearings and the input ground motion. With this method, the results of an example show that the friction coefficient of sliding bearings is the key influence factor of the residual displacement, and the way of how to figure out the value of the friction coefficient is recommended in this article.
Authors: Si Hong Liu, Yan Qiao Wang, Jiao Rong Gao, Yuan Zheng Jin
Abstract: Soilbags have been understood to have the effect of vibration reduction and can be used as a kind of base isolation in building foundations. In this paper, a series of cyclic simple shear tests were carried out on soilbags filled with three kinds of soils under different vertical stresses to investigate the damping and stiffness characters of the soilbags. The results show that soilbags have a relatively high damping ratio and variable horizontal stiffness so that they can be used as base isolation materials.
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