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Authors: X.Y. Gang, Zhe He Yao, Zi Chen Chen
Abstract: Horizontal vibration has critical influence upon elevators’ ride quality. Based on the wave theory of one-dimensional string vibration, a horizontal vibration wave model is built to simulate the dynamic performance of a high speed elevator system. Through coordinate transformation, Galerkin’s method is used to discretize the governing partial differential equations into a dumped-mass system, which can be solved effectively with classic methods. Numerical results show that the horizontal vibration behaviors are closely interconnected with the location, velocity and acceleration of elevator cab.
Authors: Hong Xia Han, Wu Wen Cui, Yan Yan Li
Abstract: Taken into account the effect of pile partially separated from soils, the dynamic stiffness and damping of pile in horizontal vibration is caculated by using the theory of computation about the mixed boundary value problem of circular holes radiation stress at an infinite plane and the theory of elastic waves, and the Fourier expansion method. The calculated results based on this paper are compared with the calculated results of the other literature. It is showed that the calculated results considering the influence of pile-soil separation are less than that of the other literature, which the bonding of the pile to the soil was assumed, and are in good agreement with experiments.
Authors: Jin Bao Ji, Yang Yang Du, Zhi Wei Ni, Fang Fang Li
Abstract: Vibration problem has been destroying the harmony between human being and nature. In order to analyze the effect of vibration on human body, twenty subjects were exposed to random vibration in fore-and-aft, lateral direction in standing position. The accelerations at head, abdomen and leg of each subject were measured. The response was analyzed by means of acceleration sat the measured points and their Fourier spectra and transfer function. The results show that the response curves of all of the subjects in the same direction are substantially the same. The resonance frequencies decreased in different degree. A principal resonance peak around 0.6Hz at different body parts of the same subject. The research results can provide a reference for human body modeling and human comfort evaluation.
Authors: Bing Lv, Xiao Juan Gao
Abstract: Based on the self-design model experimental system of dynamic soil-pile dynamic interaction, strong horizontal dynamic load was exerted to two models of squeezed branch pile, and the bearing plate location of the two squeezed branch piles is different. The model experiment adopt digital frequency converter to control the loading frequency, and use spring of different stiffness coefficient to achieve different load level. In order to analyze the action of bending moment and the status of lateral earth pressure changes, different sizes of excitation frequency and excitation load were setted during the test.
Authors: Fang Ding He, Guang Jun Guo, Yang Yang
Abstract: The horizontal vibration characteristic of the pile foundation is a key technology in dynamic design of foundation engineering. By researching on the horizontal harmonic loads in layered foundation, use horizontal vibration answers of buried foundation to deal with horizontal vibration impedance problems of pile tip. The transition matrix can be used to analyze the dynamic impedance function for horizontal vibration of pile foundation in layered foundation. And results in the paper is checked with traditional methods, which shows the both results fitting well.
Authors: Da Zhi Zhang, Ling Qi Meng
Abstract: Vibration appears in the main drive system of the six-roller cold rolling mill of one plant. The oscillation frequency is 2.5 Hz. The oscillation cycle is 0.4 second. The oscillation period has nothing to do with the speed. Using the finite element software ANSYS, the low natural frequency is got through the modal analysis and harmonic response analysis based on the measured vibration data from the field. Horizontal vibration is the main vibration mode and it is the electromechanical coupling vibration. Main motor is controlled by IEGT inverter of TEMIC and the low frequency harmonic component is difficult to eliminate. AC drive trap filter is designed to dodge the 2.5 Hz frequency. The solution has achieved the recognition by the TEMIC company. The problem was solved and good results were obtained.
Authors: Xiao Qiang Yan, Miao Bao, Guang Hong Zhu, Ze Hong Song
Abstract: CSP rolling mill abnormal vibration problem is one of the worldwide difficult problems in rolling fields. In this article, using the modern acceleration telemetry system, an integrated test is taken to the rolling mill vibration and the laws of the mill vibration are captured. The test shows that there is severe horizontal vibration of roll system, especially the work rolls, at the same time, there are also abnormal vibration occurs on AGC (automatic gauge control). In order to reveal the internal links between the vertical vibration of AGC and horizontal vibration of the roll system, using the harmonic analysis module and the transient response analysis module of ANSYS software, through simulation study to research the impact of the vertical vibration of AGC on the horizontal vibration of the roll system and meaningful conclusions are clarified.
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