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Authors: Yuichiro Tokuda, Jun Kojima, Kazukuni Hara, Hidekazu Tsuchida, Shoichi Onda
Abstract: Our latest results of SiC bulk growth by High-Temperature Gas Source Method are given in this paper. Based on Mullins-Sekerka instability, optimal growth conditions to preclude dendrite crystals, which are one of the pending issues for high-speed bulk growth, was studied. First, the simulation studies showed that high temperature gradient in a growing crystal is required for high-speed bulk growth without dendrite crystals. Second, high-speed bulk growth was demonstrated under high temperature gradient.
Authors: Reino Aavikko, Kimmo Saarinen, Björn Magnusson, Erik Janzén
Abstract: Positron annihilation radiation Doppler broadening spectroscopy was used to study defects in semi-insulating (SI) silicon carbide (SiC) substrates grown by high-temperature chemical vapour deposition (HTCVD). The Doppler broadening measurements show (i) that the measured samples contain vacancy clusters (ii) that the positron trapping to the clusters is increased in annealing (iii) that the chemical environment of the defects in the un-annealed samples is different from those of the annealed samples.
Authors: Laurent Auvray, Didier Chaussende, Francis Baillet, Ludovic Charpentier, Michel Pons, Roland Madar
Authors: Jun Kojima, Yuichiro Tokuda, Emi Makino, Naohiro Sugiyama, Norihiro Hoshino, Isaho Kamata, Hidekazu Tsuchida
Abstract: In order to diffuse the use of SiC, mass-production technologies of SiC wafers are needed. It is easy to be understood that high-speed and long-sized growth technologies are connected directly with mass-production technologies. The gas source growth method such as HT-CVD has the possibilities and the potential of the high-speed and long-sized growth. In this article, it was clarified that the high growth rate were achieved by the control of the source gas partial pressures and by the gas boundary layers. The average growth rate was 1mm/h on the f4 inch-diameter crystal, and the maximum growth rate reached 3.6 mm/h on the 12.5x25 mm tetragon by the above gas control. The crystal qualities of the gas source methods were also evaluated the equivalent level in comparison with the sublimation method. Concerning the 1mm/h-growth f3 inch crystal, the densities of TSDs were kept in the 102 cm-2 levels from the seed to the upper-side of the ingot. Moreover, the ingot size increased year by year and a f4 inch x 43 mm sized ingot has been developed.
Authors: Isaho Kamata, Norihiro Hoshino, Yuichiro Tokuda, Emi Makino, Jun Kojima, Hidekazu Tsuchida
Abstract: This paper reports on evidence of high-quality and very fast 4H-SiC crystal growth achieved using a high-temperature gas source method. The formation of threading screw dislocations (TSDs) during crystal growth was examined by comparing synchrotron X-ray topography images taken for a seed and grown crystals, while the generation of a high density of new TSDs is observed under improper growth condition. High-quality crystal growth retaining the TSD density of the seed crystal was accomplished under an improved condition, even for a very high growth rate of 2.1 mm/h.
Authors: Uwe Zimmermann, John Österman, Jie Zhang, Anne Henry, Anders Hallén
Authors: Norihiro Hoshino, Isaho Kamata, Yuichiro Tokuda, Emi Makino, Jun Kojima, Hidekazu Tsuchida
Abstract: Possibilities of very fast 4H-SiC crystal growth using a high-temperature gas source method are surveyed by computational simulation and experimental studies. The temperature range suitable to obtain high growth rates are investigated by simulating temperature dependences of growth rates for H2+SiH4+C3H8 and H2 +SiH4+C3H8+HCl gas systems. Simulation and experimental results demonstrate that an increase in source gas flow rates as well as gas-flow velocities enhance growth rates. High growth rates exceeding 1 mm/h are experimentally obtained using both gas systems. Single crystal growth on a 3-inch diameter seed crystal is also demonstrated.
Authors: Alexsandre Ellison, Jie Zhang, W. Magnusson, Anne Henry, Qamar-ul Wahab, Peder Bergman, Carl G. Hemmingsson, Nguyen Tien Son, Erik Janzén
Authors: Olof Kordina, Anne Henry, Erik Janzén
Authors: Björn Sundqvist, Alexsandre Ellison, A.K. Jonsson, Anne Henry, Christer Hallin, Peder Bergman, Björn Magnusson, Erik Janzén
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