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Authors: Pornjit Pratumsuwan, Anan Suebsomram
Abstract: This paper presents a development of human machine interface (HMI) which was applied to a miniature 3-axis milling machine prototyping. The development began with the study and design of a milling machine. Then, virtual prototyping, this stage is the integration of aided design, programming design, and simulation design to demonstration the functionality of the virtual machine in a computer environment. After that, the virtual prototype which was verified and optimized to be used a physical prototyping. Finally, links the virtual and physical together. The experimental results show that a performance of proposed HMI in a machine prototyping was satisfactory.
Authors: Ying Xin Tong
Abstract: The thesis introduces a new design for liquid mixing system, which can replace the liquid mixing system based on the PLC or numerous meters. The fact proves the new design have lower cost, smaller volume, higher control accuracy and quick response.
Authors: Hong Xing Lu, Jian Guo Yang, Si Tong Xiang
Abstract: This paper proposes a new real time error compensation implementation method for CNC machine tools. The proposed method reduces the complexity of compensation system significantly, which takes full advantage of numerical control system. The Compensation Control software is developed based on original Human-Machine-Interface software of Siemens 840D numerical control system. Meanwhile, the compensation controller shares the CPU of with the Man-Machine-Communication module. Due to it hardly needs any external devices except some necessary sensors, the proposed compensation strategy greatly reduces the cost of building a compensation system and the stability of compensation system is enhanced accordingly. Experiments have been conducted and the results show that the proposed method can improve the accuracy of machine tools dramatically.
Authors: Hsing Cheng Chang, San Shan Hung, Shyan Lung Lin, I Nan Chang, Chi Chih Lai
Abstract: The research presents a novel automatic anemometer based on the technology of automatic multi-dimensional thermoelectric sensor array. The multi-dimensional thermoelectric sensor array was designed to form a double-ring structure using commercial thermocouples to detect real-time airflow temperature distribution, velocity and direction. The sensing arrays and a controllable heater and a human-machine interface that is calibrated by a hot-wire anemometer. The anemometer has advantages of low cost, real-time detection with fast response. Related air flow information has measured accurately and repeatability.
Authors: Sheng Yuan Yan, Yu Chen, Wen Long Chen
Abstract: To objectively determine layout priority sequence of element in human machine interface (HMI), and avoid the result difference induced in applying empirical method by different persons and keeping traceability of layout process, intelligent algorithm based on layout priority sequence for HMI was presented in this paper. With importance, operating frequency, operating sequence and reliability in ergonomics principles taken as parameters, the objective function model of layout priority sequence was made up based on ant colony algorithm. It was certificated in the main control room of a nuclear power plant, which layout priority sequence was acquired using the established objective function model. The experiment show that layout priority sequence deduced through the algorithm is a unique one. Its process is traceable, and it advantages than current methods.
Authors: Jin Lan Zhang, Qian Lv
Abstract: This paper designs a PLC automatic control system in stone cutting. The author elaborated the stone cutting process, the system hardware/software design and the human-machine interface design process. This system is the collection of PLC, sensing detection, frequency converter, configuration control technology and advanced stone cutting process in an organic whole. The author designed optional automatic/manual function and parameters setting screen. The author added limit current protection and position protection, and designed function of automatic detecting cooling water shortage to protect the saw blade from damage. Also the designed equipment can automatic light and bell for alarm. Operation results show that, this system can meet the designed requirement, and can remarkably improve the quality of stone processing. This designed control system has high machining accuracy, high intelligence, full automation, perfect protection, friendly man-machine interface and simple operation.
Authors: Yuan Yu, Quan Bo Yuan, Xu Li
Abstract: This article will extracte biological EEG information, extracted by EEG brain-computer interaction module. It has taken advantage of brain-computer interaction techniques, accurately extracted EEG data, modeling the data, analyzed EEG law, and the signal is used in Bluetooth smart car.The human brain with computers and external communications equipment that can detect and record brain activity by brain-computer interaction technology and brain signals. Brain waves are turned into a language that the computer can understand, so as to effectively control the vehicle, or other external devices.
Authors: Danang Cahyagi, Indra Ranu Kusuma, Adi Kurniawan
Abstract: Controlling and monitoring of ship fuel treatment system is based on the needs of safety and business. Therefore, ship automatic fuel system is a support system recommended by ship classification society, engine manufacture, and shipping company. The new system may give highly efficiency operation and supervision. In this research, we developed marine diesel fuel system interface to monitor how the systems work. Main diesel engine fuel system consist of transfer system, separation system, feed system, and circulation system. The aim of this research is to control and display the shipboard fuel system. All valves, pumps, and separator units were controlled by programmable logic controller using tank level switches as input signal. We have tested this automation system with a computer simulations. As an initial step, valves, pumps, and separator units are successfully controlled and displayed. Based on program simulation, the operational leading time of settling tank and day tank are one hour and 9,8 hours, respectively. It is mean both of one settling tank or day tank are ready before the another tank empty. This system also have detection ability due to system failure.
Authors: Su Min Yin, Qing Zhou, Rui Qiang Gao, Ping Zhang
Abstract: A new system for testing the resistance of keys of keyboard was designed based on the embedded motion controller. Hardware design and software design of the system were accomplished. According to the system requirements, the embedded controller (GUC-400-EPV-ML-M01-L2) was chosen as the control center of the hardware system. The implement of system software was based on Visual C++ 6.0 programming platform by using C++ language. The qualified boundary values about the resistance of keys can be adjusted by means of keyboard input. Collecting data, processing data and statistics of data automatically were achieved. Examining results can be displayed through the human machine interface which was designed on the windows platform based on VC++ 6.0. The whole testing system is proved to satisfy the desire of industrial manufacture, which is excellent in the reliability and the anti-interference ability. It has a promising market prospect and really deserves to be spread.
Authors: Jian Chu, Gang Wang
Abstract: This paper mainly introduced to the PLC as the core of stainless steel composite plate electric control part of the design. The system uses the converter +PLC+ man-machine interface, as the major part of roll welding machine control, because of the use of the PLC, so that the system can improve the automatic level, electrical components is reduced, reduce failure rate, improve the reliability of equipment operation. Based on the current control and speed control, so that the welding quality and welding speed has been greatly improved. In the article, mainly from the production process, and the control system hardware and software design, and the control scheme to introduce several aspects.
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