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Authors: Rui Sun
Abstract: Innovation research has advanced recently, scholars tried to uncover the antecedent factors of organizational innovation. It is argued that innovation in firms should be associated with the intelligence and the capabilities of the workforce, nevertheless, there are still few empirical research explore the relationship between human resource management practice and organizational innovation operation in china.Drawing on review of relative literature, the study examines the human resource management practice promoting organizational innovation, and give a clue to understand how these factors shape innovation in organizations.
Authors: Cheng Che Wang
Abstract: The paper analyzes and evaluates the current domestic enterprise softwareapplication, first use the questionnaire investigation, mainly concentrated in the high-tech enterprises, the medium and small enterprises of high percentage. Researchmainly aimed at the software brand, satisfaction, function, price, purchase demand andimportance, after sale service and other aspects of the investigation. After screening screening to obtain effective questionnaires, and use descriptive analysis method toresearch the results of statistical analysis. The results showed: the enterprises shouldpay attention to the price of brand in the software selection, also need to compare products and after sale service function of comprehensive factors such as.
Authors: Tao Hong, Hai Yan Ju, Chang Tai Luo
Abstract: Based on the theory of project management and human resources, combining with the practical construction situations in China, using theoretical analysis and comparative analysis, four important characteristics are extracted in engineering project using EPC mode, that is, mobility, duality, commodity & humanity and collaboration. Furthermore, the origins and implications of above characteristics in depth are analyzed, and some management methods are presented with the guidance in connection with them in theory.
Authors: Hui Li
Abstract: This paper analyses the content and process of human resource management information system in electric power enterprise, and will be required to set up a reasonable data into the database, according to the design principle of relational database for each database table to create a relationship between tables. Database query using a variety of optimization methods that greatly improves the query speed. System access mechanism ensure each administrative access authority. In the protection of information security, to meet the needs of users at the same time, System realize network management of electric power enterprise human resources, improve the efficiency of office.
Authors: Idris Othman, M. Napiah, M.F. Nuruddin, M.M.A. Klufallah
Abstract: Employees are very important to every organization. This study attempts to examine the effectiveness of current human resource management utilization and practices in oil and gas projects in Malaysia, as well as to study the importance of having effective human resource management practices utilization. The human resource management practices namely training and development, performance appraisal, compensation, employee empowerment and ownership as well as work environment are the main practices that has being focused. A questionnaire form has been distributed to the employees of PETRONAS Carigali SDN BHD (PCSB), a leading oil and gas operator in Malaysia including their contractors.
Authors: Hong Fa Xu, Wei Che
Abstract: the paper briefly introduces the history on HRMIS (Human Resource Management Information System) applied on higher education, then describes the research on HRMIS and give their advantage and disadvantage. With more MIS (Management Information System), such as teaching, finance, science research systems building up, HRMIS have to face the challenges: accessing some information from the other information system or supplying information for the others. Because of shortcoming in direct data sharing, the paper brings up a solution base on SOA which can supply data in safe an simple way. The paper sets up the framework and gives the further research direction.
Authors: Shi Long Dong
Abstract: With the development of the enterprises, as important factors, human resources plays an vital role in company. Comparative human resources are hungrily needed in the combination of various resources in enterprise management. However, at present, most of enterprises are unable to make full use of the human resources and cannot stimulate the huge potential, which can’t configurate human resources effectively and cause great waste of human cost. From the angle of saving labor costs and improving the efficiency, according to the basic principle and method of human resource configuration, this paper, based on a specific project as the background, suitable for human resource configuration of particular project, use the model of assignment problem in operational research, accomplish the optimal combination of number and projects and solve the problem of the waste of human resource.
Authors: Bo Zhang
Abstract: In the multi-project management of electric power design enterprises, common human resources performance appraisal methods don’t reflect true performance of employee. In this paper, we construct a practical model by the DEA (data envelopment analysis) method, and finally the result analysis of example indicates that the method not only can effectively evaluate each project group,but also can effectively evaluate everyone of project groups.
Authors: Man Jing Zhang
Abstract: As an organization s strategy to manage the employment relationship, high-performance work system (HPWS) may lead to superior firm performance and favorable employee outcomes through cultivating the relational aspects of employee’s psychological contract. In this study, we investigated the processes (mediation and moderation) linking HPWS and outcomes at both the organizational and individual levels. Hierarchical linear modeling (HLM) analysis on a sample of 1129 employees from 92 firms in the Pearl River Delta of China indicated that HPWS was associated with increased firm performance and decreased turnover rate at the organizational level, and relational contract fully mediated the cross-level relationships between HPWS and employees affective commitment and in-role performance at the individual level. In addition, perceived supervisor support moderated the HPWS and relational contract relationship. We discuss theoretical and practical implications to end of this paper.
Authors: Jian Na Zhao, Jing Xu
Abstract: With the advent of knowledge economy era, the man is becoming the key factor to achieve his own strategic objectives. Therefore,in the development of the electric power Industry, the development, utilization and management of human resources have become not only the key factor of electrical enterprises’ economic growth, but also form the strategic resources of enterprises' core competitiveness directly. Consequently, Human Resource Management becomes the main question electrical enterprises’ management. The purpose of human resource management is to put all staff to the best use and put them in the proper positions in order to bring all their creativity. Competition mechanism can fully motivate the staff’s initiative and creativity. That can allocate human resources rationally. Job Bidding is a competitive merit-based, effectively encouraging and energetic working mechanism which is formed during the practice of personnel reform in electrical enterprise.
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