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Authors: Shi Min Wang, Chuan He, Si Jin Liu, Yun Long Gao
Abstract: Based on the consideration of the performance, disaster prevention, relief and tunnel drainage requirement, the connected aisle becomes more and more important to the shield tunnel section with the construction of large quantities of shield tunnels. The construction mechanical behavior of the connected aisle is complex and difficult to simulate with exist method sometimes. In allusion to the numerical simulation of the construction mechanical behavior of the connected aisle in the shield tunnel which is built in the sandy strata with the high hydraulic pressure, a new calculation approach is put forward. The core idea is the coupling use of the stratum structure method and the load structure method. The new method is used in the construction mechanical behavior study of the connected aisle which is built in the shield tunnel across the Yangtze River in Wuhan subway. Some conclusions are drawn and some related advices are proposed based on the analysis of the numerical simulation.
Authors: Jun Zhang, Guang Hui Xue, Di Liu
Abstract: Vibrating machine based on the needs of practical work, combining hydraulic technology and vibration technology, presenting a design of new stepless force regulation vibration exciter, introducing the design and features of stepless force regulation vibration exciter, expounding the detailed actualization method and physical design and realization process of stepless force regulation.
Authors: Zai Bin Liu
Abstract: In order to study sandstone rock strength and deformation parameters under pore water pressure conditions, triaxial compression tests of different hydraulic pressure were executed. Fitting equations of fine sandstone confining pressure and hydraulic pressure coupling effects were established. This research show that fine sandstone rock strength increases with confining pressure increases. Rock mass strength and cohesion have negative exponential relationship with hydraulic pressure. When the hydraulic pressure is 3MPa, elasticity and confining pressure fit to logarithmic relationship. Fine sandstone Elasticity modulus decreases with hydraulic pressure increases. Poisson’s ration and hydraulic pressure fit to linear relationship.
Authors: Chuan Chang Gao, Li Zhao, De Fang Ma, Xin Yang Liu
Abstract: Experiments were conducted for the impact force and erosion volume of the continuous jet, the self-excited aspirated pulse jet, the self-excited oscillation pulse jet on different hydraulic pressure in this paper. The rules of the three kinds of jet impact force and erosion effect with the change of hydraulic pressure were analyzed. The result shows the center impact force of the continuous jet is bigger than the other impact force. The self-excited aspirated pulse jet is obviously superior to the continuous jet and its erosion volume is 1.15~1.3 times as big as the continuous jet.
Authors: Hu Jun She, Shi Jie Wang, Hai Peng Ru
Abstract: By the use of ANSYS common finite element software, the finite element entity model for the heat exchanger is built. The strength analysis of the heat exchanger in the Hydraulic pressure condition is done. The analysis results show that the maximum stress concentrates at the transition the sharp corner of the saddle and the maximum displacement location is the middle cross section of the heat exchanger. According to JB4732-1995, the surplus of material needed is large, the design is safe and meet the strength requirement. The analysis results can be used as useful reference data to design and manufacture in the large heat exchanger.
Authors: Guo Bao Ding, Zhi Quan Shi, He Cui, Yong Sheng Huang
Abstract: This paper establish the function relationship between various parameters based on the study of the hydraulic pump and the dynamic characteristics. Through the establishment of transfer function is pull transform and the analysis of the characteristics of the transfer function of accumulator absorbing pressure pulsation actual effect. On the basis of further analysis, the improved method of effective volume of the accumulator, designed for fault detection and improve the system to provide a reliable basis.
Authors: G.B. Yu, B. Dai, L. Huang, J.F. Nie, Y. Zhao
Abstract: Non-contact hydraulic seal (clearance seal) reduce the leakage by the small clearance between the seal. Non-contact hydraulic seal is the simplest form of a seal. The sealing effect depends on the size of the clearance and pressure difference, the length and parts of the sealing surface quality. Among them, the clearance size of the greatest impact on the sealing performance. The hydraulic systems sealing mathematical and CFD model are built in this paper. Studies have shown that eccentricity ratio, seal clearance and pressure are has impact to hydraulic force and leakage. It should be considered in the engineering design.
Authors: Ji Li He
Abstract: The industrial manipulator has been introduced. The manipulator of cylindrical coordinate type provides with three degrees of freedom including rotation, lifting and expansion, which has corresponding rotation structure, lifting structure, expansion structure. All parts are drove and controlled by using hydraulic cylinder. FluidSIM-H is hydraulic simulation software and tightly integrated the CAD function and simulation function. To simulate and analyze the operation of hydraulic circuit which based on the physical model of hydraulic element and LOGO control. The results showed that the industrial manipulator can work reliably.
Authors: Qin Zhu Chen, Xue Sheng Wang, Zheng Bian Wang
Abstract: A new kind of hydraulic expansion device for bimetallic CRA-lined pipe has been researched and developed, as well as its operational principal and technical characteristic were introduced. The stress and strain in the liner and outer pipe during the hydroforming process have been analyzed theoretically and the mechanism of hydraulic expansion method is studied, and the final forming pressure formula has been obtained. The theoretical analysis is verified by experimental investigation, the results indicate that the new technology is feasible and can be applied in industrial production.
Authors: Bao Hua Zhong
Abstract: The this article main solution is in the ABS laboratory bench which at present uses the wheel rotational speed uniformity bad and controls the wheel torque difficult question.This system uses 4 oil motors to actuate four independent wheels, used the slide valve to solve the wheel rotational speed uniformity well; Thus through the hydraulic system pressure the control wheel torque, simulates the automobile to apply the brake the effect difference in the different coefficient of adhesion road surface; Uses the hydraulic pressure and the electric appliance dual over-load protection.This article to this laboratory bench wheel hydraulic pressure actuation system structure, the control design plan has conducted the thorough research, its main innovation spot uses hydraulic transmission way actuation wheel revolving.
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