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Authors: Zeng Shou Dong, Xiao Yu Zhang, Jian Chao Zeng
Abstract: BP neural network for failure pattern recognition has been used in hydraulic system fault diagnosis.However, its convergence rate is relatively small and always trapped at the local minima. So a new modified PSO-BP hydraulic system fault diagnosis method was proposed,which combined the respective advantages of particle swarm algorithm and BP algorithm. Firstly, the inertia weight and learning factor of the standard particle swarm algorithm was improved, then BP neural network’s weights and thresholds were optimized by modified PSO algorithm. BP network performance was ameliorated. The simulation results showed that this method improved the convergence rate of the BP network, and it could reduce the diagnostic errors.
Authors: Min Qiang Dai, Sheng Dun Zhao, Xiao Mei Yuan
Abstract: In the paper, we developed a non-intrusive on line detection device based on wireless network electromagnetic valve for the on-line detection problem of electromagnetic valve in hydraulic system. The device used the vibration detection of non-intrusive and magnetic detection method. When sensitive electromagnetic coil is energized, the coil produced the changed signal. Besides, with the movement of electromagnetic valve’s core, it produced the vibration signal and transmitted the signal to the surface of valve body. For these two kinds of signal, then we used frequency bands energy based on wavelet decomposition. We could distinct the normal state and fault state of electromagnetic valve. So we could determine the work state and fault mode of the electromagnetic valve under test. And the designed detection device could achieve non-intrusive valve on-line detection of the valve, which was verified by experiments.
Authors: Wei Cai, Wen Hua Xu, Min Qiang Dai, Hui Li
Abstract: Oil temperature plays a key role in state monitoring and fault diagnosis of hydraulic systems. Traditional methods for measuring oil temperature are neither convenient nor safe. In this paper, a non-invasive test technique together with its calculation model for obtaining fluid temperature is proposed by measuring the pipe surface temperature and the ambient temperature. A series of experiments had been carried out on different pressure values, and the oil temperature calculation model proposed was optimized accordingly. Experimental results show that this measurement technique together with the model can provide a fast and accurate way of oil temperature testing non-invasively under different pressure conditions, so it can be introduced to the hydraulic system application.
Authors: Fang Ping Huang, Tian Hao Peng
Abstract: The variable speed hydraulic systems have many advantages, and research about this field in recent years has developed rapidly. In this paper, a variable speed hydraulic system is studied using BP Neural Network PID controller. The research results show that using BP Neural Network PID controller can achieve good control effect.
Authors: Wei Sun, Cheng Yan Fan, Zhi Peng Sun
Abstract: In the actual application of the hydraulic system, a system often can’t be fully realized the design requirements, or some performance indicators are below the expectations of the system design. From some analyses, sometimes the reason is not a hydraulic system design, but the problem of regulation of the hydraulic system.It is frequently encountered problems in the hydraulic system of actual work that hydraulic system right regulation. Based on analysis of the hydraulic system by combined machine tool, hydraulic system of hydraulic elevator and special machine tool, explaining that the regulation of hydraulic system is essential to guarantee design requirements of system, reducing power loss, raise transmission efficiency and the further improvement for work properties. It should be paid sufficient attention to the regulation of system when the hydraulic system is running.
Authors: Lan Xiang Hou, Jun Kong, Feng Gang Li, Cai Xia Ju, Wei Xu
Abstract: This paper focused on the analysis of the invaders brought into the hydraulic system in the design, manufacture, installation, working and maintenance of the process and the fault caused by the invaders to the hydraulic system of coal machine . The method of reducing the invader in oil of hydraulic system and tincreasing the reliability of hydraulic system was indicated.
Authors: Jing Hua Li, Wen Tao Yu
Abstract: Volkswagen AG4 Automatic transmission ,for example , was detailed analyzed by logical method from the shifting operation, interlocking of combining elements and failure protection. Shifting operation must first meet the shifting demand ,mangy oil line criss-cross in the automatic transmission hydraulic system circuit ,in a particular gear ,some components must to be meet bonding requirements interlock between them ,finally ,vehicle need a failure system to protect the oil line to prevent failures in order to travel to the failure of the automatic transmission electronic control system .By analyzing ,design principles and ideas of automatic transmission shift controlling hydraulic system were derived.
Authors: Huan Yun Wang, Li Ma, Xiu Fen Liu
Abstract: In order to ensure the normal operation of the hydraulic system, the faults must be found and eliminated promptly and accurately. Most of the faults of hydraulic system don’t happen suddenly. generally, there are signs such as noise, vibration, lash, pollution and leakage etc.. If these phenomena can be found, controlled and eliminated promptly and properly, the system faults can be reduced accordingly. This paper introduces several common faults of hydraulic system and the elimination methods. which the hydraulics technicians can refer to.
Authors: Yue Hua Sun, Hong Tao Li, Chun Sheng Liu
Abstract: This article use Automation Studio simulation software to make analysis on rib tube welding machine hydraulic system.Briefly introduces the software, theoretically analye welding machine hydraulic system, using software to make a detailed analysis on push (pull) acting hydraulic cylinder to push and pull two movements operation By analyzing the stable running speed, equal in size and opposite in direction which is consistent with reality step process.
Authors: Ján Turis, Marián Kučera
Abstract: Unplanned outage of extensive transport and handling equipment used between main stages of the production process has magnified negative effect on logistics of the entire company. Article introduces information about examining and assessing the level of wear of working oil charge in an extensive hydraulic system of device used for the transport and processing of wood raw material between the woodworking line aggregates. The decisive role in preventing the listed unsolicited situation has respecting the early tribodiagnostic signal through the analytical ferrography. Completion of this particle analysis by information complex from other appropriately selected diagnostic methodologies will be essential for the trend analysis of wear regime of system oil charge creation. The analysis is also a key predictive information about state of degradation of internal contact surfaces of the examined machinery.
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