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Authors: Raffaello Bartelletti, Gabriele Fiorentino, Giuseppe Lanzo, Davide Lavorato, Giuseppe Carlo Marano, Giorgio Monti, Camillo Nuti, Giuseppe Quaranta, Fabio Sabetta, Nunziante Squeglia
Abstract: The most recent studies about the seismic behavior of the leaning Tower of Pisa that consider the soil-foundation-structure interaction date back to twenty years ago. From 1999 to 2001, the foundation of the monument was consolidated by means of under-excavation and the "Catino" at the basement was rigidly connected to the foundation. Meanwhile, significant progresses have been made in the field of earthquake engineering. Therefore, the need exists to assess the dynamic behavior of the Tower in light of the novelties occurred in the past decades. In the present study, the mechanical characteristics of the foundation have been calibrated comparing the outcomes of the experimental dynamic monitoring with the results of the finite element analysis performed on a simple but effective model. The scenario earthquakes for return periods equal to 130 years and 500 years are also presented.
Authors: Li Wen Wang, Bi Qiang Tang, Ling Ling Pan, Fei Shi, Jun Liu
Abstract: Topology adjustment is a main measure to limit short circuit current, but changes of power grid structure might bring deep impact on power system operation. Measures to limit short circuit current are difficult to apply online due to unable to completely evaluate its safety and feasibility. This paper presents an on-line decision support indicator system, which applied to evaluate online short circuit current level of power grid. Based on practical power grid model and typical cross-section, short circuit current level under the current and future maintenance mode is analyzed, decision support to limit short circuit current is given, and the effectiveness and feasibility of limiting measures are evaluated. Analysis results show that the index system is reasonable.
Authors: Yu Lan Li, Tie Zhu Zhang, Hong Zhao, Ji Zhang
Abstract: The paper gives a brief introduction of the permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). The author gives the mathematical model under the simplified conditions and the PMSM rotor and stator impedance matrix. Besides, the author used AMESim to build a synchronous motor model on the basic of hysteresis current control strategy and set the parameters. A simulation was carried out and advantages and disadvantages of hysteresis current control strategy were analyzed.
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