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Authors: Nudjarin Ramungul, Yan Jun Zheng, R. Patel, V. Khemka, T. Paul Chow
Authors: Jin Long Tang, Jun Nan Zhong, Cai Wen
Abstract: Based on first-principles calculations, we have investigated atomic and electronic structures of 4H-SiC crystal doped by N, P and As elements as n-type dopants. We have obtained the bond lengths of the optimization system, as well as the impurity levels, the band structure and the density of states. The results show that the higher impurity level above the Fermi level is observed when 4H-SiC doped by N with concentration as 6.25% in these dopants, and the band gap of 4H-SiC decreases while the doping concentration or the atomic number of dopant increases.
Authors: A. A. Abramov, V.I. Akimov, A.T. Dalakyan, V.N. Tulupenko, A.M. Zaitcev, S.N. Danilov, D.A. Firsov, V.A. Shalygin
Authors: R.A. Hogg, Akihito Taguchi, Kenichiro Takahei
Authors: Akihito Taguchi, Kenichiro Takahei
Authors: Ivan V. Ilyin, Marina V. Muzafarova, P.G. Baranov, B.Ya. Ber, A.N. Ionov, E.N. Mokhov, Pavel A. Ivanov, M.A. Kaliteevskii, P.S. Kop'ev
Abstract: High concentration of two types of P donors up to 1017 cm-3 in SiC enriched with 30Si after neutron transmutation doping (NTD) has been achieved. It was established that annealing at sufficiently low temperature of 1300oC, that is 500-600°C lower compared with annealing of NTD SiC with natural isotope composition, gives rise to the EPR signal of shallow P donors, labeled sPc1, sPc2 and sPh. The correlated changes of the EPR spectra of the three sP centres in all the experiments and the qualitative similarities with spectra of shallow N donors prove that these centres have shallow donor levels and a similar electronic structure and belong to different lattice sites. The annealing at 1700°C results in a transformation of one type of P donors (sPc1, sPc2 and sPh) into another type having low temperature EPR spectra labeled dP.
Authors: W. Hepples, M.R. Clinch, D.M. Banks, N.J.H. Holroyd
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