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Authors: Zhen Ting Wang, Yong Dong Wang
Abstract: A composite coating with TiC Particle of embedded in nickel based alloy has been in-situ synthesized by induction cladding a precursor mixture of nickel based alloy powder, titanium and graphite powders. The results showed that the composite coating has good metallurgical bonding with the substrate as well as there is a good wettability between the reinforcement TiC and the coating matrix. The microstructure of the composite coating is mainly composed of γ-Ni dendrite, a small amount of M23C6, and dispersed TiC particle. The volume fraction of TiC particle increases with increasing of volume fraction of titanium and graphite. The microhardness gradually increased from the bottom to the top of the composite coating. The average microhardness of the composite coating is HV0.21200, 5 times larger than that of the 16Mn steel substrate.
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