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Authors: Xiao Dong Li, Fan Zhao
Abstract: Development of 3D printing technology brings revolutionary changes to the future of manufacturing. Based on the development of 3D printing technology and application prospects, this paper analyzes the positive effect of 3D printing technology on industrial design process, industrial design concepts and also some negative issues in the development process, such as intellectual property rights arising. What’s more, it discusses the advent of 3D printing technology which is the catalyst of future industrial design development cycle, the generation of "design of the package" model and the development of industrial design from standardization to individuation.
Authors: Ali Faraji, Talat Rezvani
Abstract: Today, savings and efficient use of materials are an integral and important component of design processes and production. The typical multi-purpose devices with portability in biomedical engineering and physiotherapy are visible. Due to high usage and importance of these features, particularly their combination in the treatment of a wide range of patients, the process of treatment for the patient and medical groups could be faster, easier and pleasurable. This article is presented a multifunctional physiotherapy device design that combines the most effective as well as commonly used therapies. In addition, savings in materials, efficient use of energy and reducing manufacturing process, simple, comfortable, pleasant and effective treatment process for both physiotherapists and for a broad class of patients may be represented.
Authors: Jing Feng Li, Xi Zhang
Abstract: As an advanced design idea nowadays, to realize body’s healthy movement, healthy industrial design (be called HID for short) pursues user’s “health, happiness and joy”, Different types of limits will be treated dynamically for this goal during the whole design process. The adjustable limit will be treated by changing the subjective reason leading to it, while the un-adjustable limit will be treated by optimizing user’s behavior and producer’s structure, material, color etc.
Authors: Sha Liu, Yun Qi Wang, Lei Wei, De Cheng Wang
Abstract: Based on the internal structure of a small self-propelled mower, extract key points and make the main outlines of the machine by connecting the points in four ways: straight lines connect, arcs connect, free curves connect and data fitting. Then start from the main outlines and make the morphological evolution by the rules of "tilt", "fillet" and the characteristic of curves to obtain lots of basic shapes of the machines. Choose and modify the shapes by a unified style to get the final design of the mower. The period of the R&D of the small self-propelled mower is shorten and the final design is simple and effective in line with the appearance needs of such kind of products. Moreover the final shells of the mower are better match with the structural components. That verifies the feasibility of the design method and its better effect.
Authors: Christine Thong, Blair Kuys
Abstract: Materials Science typically engages research expertise from fields such as engineering, chemistry and physics. This paper will examine how industrial design successfully contributed to timber materials science in the initial phases of basic research. Research from two PhD studies, completed in conjunction with the Australian Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) for Wood Innovations, will be used as case studies. These case studies discuss examples from research projects investigating new Microwave Modified Timber (MMT) materials development along with surface modified timber. Findings concur that industrial design research was beneficial to early scientific experiments.
Authors: Lan Yao, Chao Jiang, Sui Huai Yu
Abstract: With the improvement of the social civilization, culture connotations of design problems have become increasingly prominent. And the cultural elements must integrate into design work to get development. Since cultural and creative product design is the re-exhibition of culture, traditional culture spirit connotation and cultural nutrition should be grasped and absorbed. Reverse engineering is a very important design method which is widely used in product design. Based on reverse engineering, a rapid and high quality creative design method over cultural and creative product design is proposed. The practical design application proves that the proposed method is feasible, of practical significance and application value.
Authors: Zhe Yuan Zhang
Abstract: Based on quantitative analysis of the application and authorization of industrial design in Hunan Province in recent six years, the present study discussed the main factors restricting the development of the industrial design in Hunan Province, and put forward some strategies and suggestions.
Authors: Han Li, Yuan Jun Li, Xiao Guang Rui, Yan Zhang
Abstract: Filled with foreign brands, today China’s contemporary industrial design is in the low stage. With the development of social-economic and scientific technology, also the improvement of the quality of people's lives, their requirements of the functions of daily industrial goods and the outlook design are higher . Contemporary industrial designers must combine the public traditional conception and modern lifestyle organicly, and take the outstanding national culture as the main line, draw on the successful experience of the developed countries, in order to make China's industrial design property that is provided with national character and powerful vitality prosper. This paper starts from the rise of industrial design since the Reform and Opening up, and put forward a number of industrial design ideas and suggestions through the analysis and interpretation of the twists roads of the recent decades.
Authors: Song Yang, Ying Zhong
Abstract: Now, the application of team is wider and wider, the studies about team are more and more. If a team can always maintain high design creativity, its advantage in the industry can last forever. In the industrial design activity, product design preliminary stage is the major part of creating process. Management of team makes it carry out the design effectively. Especially, the management of team creativity is crucial to team members, it makes team members keep efficient creativity and improve the team's kernel competitive power. This study discussed the industrial design team creativity in this particular field, summarized team’s responsibilities and factors that influenced on team creativity in product conception design stage. Team managers need to optimize and ameliorate these factors, and then they can further improve the design team creativity.
Authors: Yan Zhou
Abstract: This paper combined with their actual project experience and industrial design point of view, based on the role of construction machinery design, working methods, evaluation methods, the authors put forward three ideas and opinions, and thus to provide some ideas and information for china's construction machinery enterprises in the development of industrial design.
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