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Authors: Andrew J. Hull, David A. Hurdis
Authors: Sever Şerban, Doina Corina Şerban
Abstract: This paper presents an original method for the synthesis command involving a controllability matrix, which is used for systems with distributed parameters, and further more for systems reduced to a finite dimensional space.
Authors: Sever Şerban, Doina Corina Şerban
Abstract: This article analyses the process of warming a metal by using a walking beam furnace. This process is meant to offer the technologist objective information that may allow him to produce eventual modifications of the temperature references from the furnaces zones. Thus making the metals temperature at the furnaces exit to have an imposed distribution, within precise limits, according to the technological requests. This industrial process has a geometrical parameters distribution, more precisely it can be described through a partial differential equation, by being attached to dynamic infinite dimensional systems (or with distributed parameters). Using a procedure called geometric-time discretization (in the condition of the solutions convergence), we have managed to obtain a representation under the form of a finite discrete dimensional linear system for a process with distributed parameters.
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