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Authors: Chun Lin Xie
Abstract: Due to the development of electronic materials, it stimulates the autonomous abilities of learners.Along with the advance of multimedia technology and network technology,teaching based on information technology has been spread all over the world. It has brought about new concepts,new methods and new strategies for modern education and gradually changed learners’s learning ways. Therefore, it is one of essential issues how to develop students’ autonomous abilities of learners with the help of electronic materials.
Authors: Chao Wang, Ji Zhou Chen, Yu Jun Liu, An Qi Li
Abstract: In order to eliminate the security threats faced by the information systems of large organizations which usually involve multiple autonomous domains, this paper introduces an architecture of access control collaboration, which takes a distributed authoritative domain as the leading core of the unified cross-domain access control. Through applying the ABAC model in the authoritative domain, the global strategies formulated by the authoritative domain can be compatible with those local strategies of each autonomous domain. The global strategies are designed to be described by a group of authoritative attributes, which are limited in quantity but adequate to generalize all the subjects within the global scope. For system realization, a rule-based dynamic mechanism of attributes conversion is used to automatically generate the information of authoritative attributes. The cross-domain access control method in this paper can be directly applied to typical large organizations, such as government, military and large enterprises.
Authors: Zhao Hong Yang, Jianwei Yuan, Hai Yan Liu, Wei Feng Wang
Abstract: Data capture system gathers network packets, documents and operation records generated in training and experimental process of information system, which provides data support for the simulation of the information systems, analysis and experimental evaluation. This paper first analyzes and compares existing data acquisition technologies, then proposes a data acquisition technique using API intercepted, the dynamic library hijacked and database triggers. This method has the advantages of high efficiency and no packet loss, and has been successfully applied to data capture in the training of a large information system.
Authors: Fa Chao Li, Ming Li, Shuo Liu
Abstract: Currently, rough set theory has been widely used in many fields. In rough set theory, how to measure the attributes significance of the data is a core content. In order to solve the problem that the existing attributes significance measure methods usually ignore the interaction among the attributes, the paper presents a measure method based on difference degree. When given a set, the proposed method first divides it into several subsets according to the value of condition attributes, and then computes the difference degree in the subsets. Secondly, the important attributes are selected based on the value of difference degree. Further the paper discussed some properties of the difference degree, and the experimental results shows the effectiveness of this method in the final.
Authors: Natalia Costetchi, Aurelian Mihai Stanescu, Mihnea Moisescu, Ioan Stefan Sacala
Abstract: Nowadays, Romania suffers a huge reform process in Health domain. In this context, there is a strong need to find efficient solutions to improve of the quality of medical services and to find an adequate calculation method for financing in order to equilibrate the relationship between the health care providers the patients satisfaction the cost for the service the final financing entity of the medical service. The integration of specific Information Technologies in this whole process is of a major importance that contributes to reaching the proposed target. On one hand, the institution responsible for establishing and documenting the tariffs for the medical services is involved in the relations: public financing body of health care medical services provider refunding of the contractual tariff. On the other hand, the relevant data and information are managed by the pylons of the Health System (composed by family medicine cabinet, hospital units, ambulatory medical units, laboratories etc.). Thus, it becomes crucial that both of the above mentioned perspectives to form, in this process, a whole.
Authors: Nan Feng, Jing Xie, Ying Xin Wu
Abstract: In electronic business environment, it is critical for an enterprise to assess information systems security (ISS) risks. In this paper, we propose a hybrid approach for ISS risk assessment. Given there is a great deal of uncertainty in the ISS risk assessment, in the hybrid approach, we combine the evidence theory with fuzzy sets to deal with the uncertain evidence found in the ISS risk assessment. The proposed approach provides a new way to define the basic belief assignment in fuzzy measure. Moreover, the approach also provides a method of testing the evidential consistency, which can reduce the uncertainty derived from the conflicts of evidence. Finally, the approach is further demonstrated and validated via a case study, in which the effectiveness of the proposed approach is evaluated by comparing it with other methods.
Authors: Yu Chuan Song, Ze Wang, Qi Lei
Abstract: Aiming at the characteristics of complicated organization behavior, diversified business process and changeable functions in the construction of networked manufacturing platform, this paper proposed an integrated modeling method for networked manufacturing platform combined with DEMO(Dynamic Essential Modeling of Organization) and NAM (Norm Analysis Method), which making use of the two method’s characteristics sufficiently, to support system modeling with full consideration of organization behavior criterion, function subdivision and business process refinement. This integrated modeling method provides an effective tool to design and develop networked manufacturing platform and achieved good effect in application.
Authors: Yu Chuan Song, Xiao Lei Dong, Qi Lei
Abstract: It is one of the effective way to apply JIT (just in time) mode in the management of discrete job shop to improve the productivity of job shop. A kind of JIT management mode for discrete job shop is proposed in this paper. The machining tools such as cutters and frocks are distributed with materials in JIT mode, so that the inventory of machining tools is reduced, and productivity is improved. The process of distribution plan under this mode is studied. The JIT distribution management information system is developed based on the proposed studies, and is applied in a traditional machining job shop with satisfactory result.
Authors: Yan Hong Xie
Abstract: Attribute reduction of rough set is a very important research topic. The shortcoming of Reference [8,9]’s method is got a superset of a true reduction sometimes, and the disadvantage of Reference [10]’s algorithm is could not get a right attribute reduction sometimes. To overcome the above shortcomings, a new heuristic attribute reduction method based on Boolean matrix is put forward. Finally, the method’s feasibility and validity are proved by examples.
Authors: Chang Sheng Zhang
Abstract: Firstly, the concept of simplified information system is introduced, the notion of simplified discerniblity matrix is put forward and the method for computing core based on the simplified discerniblity matrix, which can well deal with inconsistent information system. And it is proved that core based on the simplified discernibility matrix is equivalent to that based on the previous one, on the basis of that, an efficient algorithm incremental updating for core is presented, which only need to analyze the updating parts of discernibility matrix and doesn’t need to re-calculate discerniblily matrix, when a new object is added to information system. Finally, Theoretical analysis and example results show that the algorithm is efficient and feasible.
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