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Authors: P. Soukiassian, M. Silly, C. Radtke, H. Enriquez, M. D'Angelo, V. Derycke, V.Yu. Aristov, F. Amy, Y.J. Chabal, P. Moras, M. Pedio, S. Gardonio, C. Ottaviani, P. Perfetti
Authors: Anna Benešová, Jan Vanerek
Abstract: The contribution deals with the durability of modified wood-polymer composite samples intended to alternate solid wood non-bearing structures (fences, sidings). The modification was made to the polymer matrix, which is partly consisting of commercially available regranulate. Four types of composite with varying amount of regranulate admixture are exposed to adverse ambience simulating the external conditions through moisture, freeze and high temperature action. The aim of the research is to determine the influence of regranulate share on the visual and mechanical characteristic of the material, which would be decisive in the process of specific tile creation.
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