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Authors: Choul Jun Choi, Jae Yeol Kim, Dong Jo Yang, Kyung Seok Song, Lee Ku Kwac
Abstract: After Industrial Revolution, energy has been recognized as an important factor which enhances the motive power for industry in the industrial society. However, recently the excessive consumption of energy pursuant to the rapid expansion of industry created serious problems of the exhaustion of fossil fuels as well as unusual change in the weather due to the mass discharge of carbon dioxide. We can say that after all proposals will boil down to the development of New & Renewable energy. The most suitable source of energy for this required change is solar energy. The advantages of solar energy are that it is renewable, infinite supplied and environmentally safe energy source, and the method of energy supply is in small scale and is decentralized. However, solar energy related products have the problems such as the limitation for installation, problems in maintenance and insufficient reliability, which have been the barrier to consumers to satisfy the purchase need for solar heat related products. In this research will perform thermodynamic analysis through the application of infrared ray thermal imaging camera and will discuss about the applicability of solar energy system and other fields as well.
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